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10 Best Web 2.0 WordPress Themes

Blogging is all about displaying your personality and nothing say it as loud as a great looking theme. In this post I want to cover what in my personal opinion are 10 best web 2.0 WordPress themes.

While this is just my personal opinion I’m guided by several factors: look and feel of the theme, quality of coding and support of the theme by the author (theme needs to be compatible with latest versions of the blog core) …

In no particular order here are my top picks of Web 2.0 WordPress Themes:

Sodelicious 2.0 Green


Great looking theme that has not only the looks but also the functionality to match. Up to now this theme is the only one that offers an absolutely unique feature …

Big slide show screen, where you can offer to your readers extra content, featured content or just an animation. Add to it big right sidebar that includes 3 widget sidebars and 4 social bookmarks buttons per post, so you don’t need to install a social bookmarking plugin anymore and you got a one great package.

Blue Green


Very nice and clean looking theme with a minimalistic Web 2.0 style and very easy to modify. Features 3 columns and widgets ready it can create a perfect fit for many blog. But you have to hurry. I just seen that latest post is actual announcement that blog is for sale, so …

Yourblog 2.0 Theme


While this one is a step away from my normal requirement of at least 2 sidebars – it offers a great look and all the standard expected functionality and can help your blog stand out if 1 sidebar is all you need. I personally love the color combination and great layout. Proceed to …

InBiz Web 2.0 Theme


This one comes from same designer who created theme currently used on this blog and while it is not released to public yet – it should be on your watch list. 5 widgetized areas: sidebar-top, sidebar-mid-left, sidebar-mid-right, sidebar-bottom and footer, jQuery Tabs for recent posts, recent comments and most viewed and Tab menu for page links make it more then functional and don’t forget about the look – it is simply one of the best.

nine O: Advanced Professional WordPress Theme


Advanced 3 column “widget” ready WordPress theme designed by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions based partly on Greenway 3C.

This professional theme has an options page to change the header color, change the fonts, font color, upload sidebar image and much more. The theme has two right sidebars that are widget ready. The theme is also Google Adsense styled.

Feel The Freedom Web 2.0 Theme


This theme comes with sponsored links and I wasn’t going to include it on my list but its dazzling look and built in functionality are so unique I simply couldn’t ignore it. While it might not fit the view of many blogs it can be a perfect match for an appropriate niche. Stylish look, widgets ready sidebar and social network buttons already included.

  • Visit author’s page for Theme Demo and download.

The Dezigner Folio Web 2.0 Theme


An awesome dark theme for WordPress that comes with additional functionality provided via plugins. Single sidebar but brilliant look compensates for this small minus. Author provides step-by-step visual instruction on customizing this theme and implementing all the options needed to support additional functionality.

Theme Leia


Great looking theme by Spanish blogger who also provides a pack of different headers to go with the theme and instructions on how to modify it to reflect different header. I’m not sure if this theme is widgets ready or not since author running it on older version of WordPress but integrating that functionality might be well worth the effort to take advantage of great look.

Not So Fresh


This one combines great Web 2.0 look and all the functionality I like to see, such as widgets ready sidebars and compatibility with WordPress 2.3.

Even though designer’s primary language is German he does provide English text to make it easier for you to understand what you are getting.

Clean look and support – all you need … visit for details

Ayumi Theme


Beautiful theme that has some unique features. Green and Red little bit blue color, 2 Right Sidebar, Widget Ready, Change About text via Admin Profile. According to author this theme is tested up to 2.2.x versions of WordPress so even if you have to do any changes for 2.3 it will be minimal.

I especially like the option of been able to change About section from admin panel. Makes it a lot simpler …

More Web 2.0 WordPress Themes From Top Designers

And for those of you looking for a more custom and even elegant professional look I highly recommend taking visiting following resources …

Solostream Webstudio

Michael Pollock from solostream studio offers some of the most elegant themes for your WordPress and while not all of them are free, price is generally so small that is well worth the stylish look you get for it. He currently offers couple themes for free and others range from $19 to $59, here is a look at a great free theme he offers:


Before his themes became premium I had a chance to download couple of his creations and I can testify the hight quality of design and coding. Highly recommend to visit his blog for details.

Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner is a man behind many beautiful themes for your WordPress blog and each one of them comes with great look, all the functionality you need and what is even better highest quality of coding. Here is an example of one of his free themes …


But while his free themes are great, he just released a collections of themes that go beyond normal functionality of WordPress. His Revolution Themes series is simply mind blowing and will allow you to turn your blog into a fully functional CMS. With a look similar to what you find on and I already see a great example of his Revolution theme custom coded on Jack Humphrey blog. Here is screenshot of one …


Obviously I don’t try to encourage anyone to purchase premium themes and with 10 great looking Web 2.0 WordPress Themes I provided above you have plenty of choices already. but if you need in depth review of Premium WordPress Themes read the

Premium WordPress Blog Templates Review

blog templates web designWeb design for WordPress always comes down to evaluating which Blog Templates (or what is commonly knows WordPress Themes) fit your needs the most! This review of available options for choosing best blog template for your WordPress will concentrate not only on their visual appeal (web design factor) but also functionality!

WordPress is a dynamic by nature and any web designer failing to also properly integrate functionality – falling short of the target and minimizes benefits of the platform. Web design for WordPress blog is quite a bit different from creating template for static site and how well designers understand it will impact the overall performance of your blog.

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  1. thank you very good templates..

  2. deepak says:

    wow great themes,thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good stuff, but I believe the your blog 2.0 is too simple, I mean don’t your blog suppose to stand out from the crowd?

    I’m using a theme from the guy who designed the InBiz Web 2.0 Theme, you can actually see the theme I’m talking about on the bottom left of the InBiz Web 2.0 Theme screen shoot. Its a very good theme, not too much graphic and has a professional look to it.

    • TheSpot-er says:


      I’m using same theme as you, just modified. Your personal choice of the theme is something that is just that – personal. What I might think as superb – other person will discard as useless. It is all matter of perception.


  4. kpk says:

    This is an excellent selection of themes. Very nice!

  5. amazing themes, I think is one of best list I have ever see on web, thanks for sharing it 😉

  6. Herdo says:

    Nice list, thanks, it inspired me to develop my first free wordpress theme. I’m sure it’d fit well in this top 10 web 2.0 list.

    Well, if someone is interested

  7. Clement says:

    I like the “Feel The Freedom Web 2.0 Theme” .The only negative thing is the presence of sponsored.Is there any similar theme but without sponsored links?

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  9. I am a Blogger turned to WP for my new blog. I have been looking for a thrid party template for it and its so hard to get from hundreds of collection, out of which mostly look basic, or its me always going to craps.
    The Ayumi Theme is the nice pic and hope it will suit with my shopping blog.

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  10. izwan00 says:

    great template. most of it is a professional templates especially the revolution template. Will giving it a try on my new blog soon.

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  11. Great list of themes!

    Thanks for the post

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  12. John Murray says:

    Great post, I often use this post to get latest Web 2.0 themes.

    Good work.

  13. MOin says:

    very nice list there spoter sodelicious and deziner folio are my all time favourite really pro and premium themes but totally free. nice effort Alex

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  14. Nick says:

    Great list of free themes, have downloaded a couple of them before. I am like a kid in a sweet shop when it come to themes, I end up downloading loads and when I finally settle on a theme, two or three weeks later I see another theme which makes me change my mind. Oh well…

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  15. songchai says:

    Hey this is reall great top WordPress theme to download. Thank indeed