WordPress 2.6 Creates Problem Under Disguise Of Feature

I don’t want to be the one beating the drums but I personally hate it when a feature introduced that I didn’t even need but what is even worse – feature that comes with an issue! I mean “hats off” to the developers but I think that before something integrated into the core it should be evaluated for the possible problems!

And in this specific post I want to talk about Post Revisions feature newly added to core with WordPress 2.6 and Why exactly I see it as issue!


WordPress 2.6 Changes

WordPress 2.6 was released today ahead of the schedule and it contains quite a few fixes. I didn’t see any mentions of the security fixes so, looks like at this point it is more of a Version Upgrade. Recommended you do so because it has some nice features.

Instead of talking here – I’ll just share their official video with what has changed:

Video removed