7 Best WordPress Plugins To Give a Competitive Edge To Your Business

Using a WordPress CMS to build a website for your business will give you the ability to create and publish your site even if you’re not technically sound. In fact, you don’t even need to develop a site from scratch, as you can use a pre-made theme to set up your web presence.

Top 10 million websites are powered by WordPress. And so, if you plan on creating one for your business, you need to make sure that it contains everything that gives it a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Fortunately, there are many useful WordPress plugins available online that can help take your business to new heights (i.e. succeed) in today’s competitive web world. Here are 7 must-have plugins that will help your business gain a competitive edge:


WordPress Plugins For The Beginner Blogger

After you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to customize it with plugins. The WordPress glossary defines a plugin as, “… A group of php functions that can extend the functionality present in a standard WordPress weblog.” In other words, plugins allow you to customize your site beyond the built in programming that comes with the basic platform.

However, as a beginning blogger, you may not be familiar with the technical side of blogging, such as coding, HTML and CSS. Because of that, you want plugins that work “out of the box.” Meaning, there is no extra back-end work to be done, simply install, activate and go. Check out these easy to use plugins to get started.


Tweet And Get it! WordPress Plugin to Build Your Followers

If you missed the bandwagon departing for Social Network traffic – fear not! Tweet and Get It! WordPress plugin will help you get there quite a bit faster. This small addition to your blog can help you recruit an army of followers interested in getting exactly what you have to offer or share, assuming of course you actually have something to give or share 🙂

To see it in action:

[tweegi-button name=”Tweet And Get It!”]

Innovation never sleeps and that is why I like WordPress as a platform! If you have a need – more than likely someone else does too and they have created a solution in form of plugin you can install and use!


Improve WordPress Website Conversions Using Widgets

Website conversions to your most desired goal is not talked about as much as website traffic and yet – I think it is highly important although sometimes more difficult for WordPress based sites. In this post I want to present couple plugins that allow you to present custom content based on which page, category, post your visitor is viewing using couple widgets.

website conversions

Formula to getting more leads, customers is fairly simple and hasn’t changed since the web invented:

  • Properly designed and optimized site
  • Quality content that provides answers or solutions to your targeted niche
  • Quality traffic through whatever sources you choose to implement
  • Conversion of resulting visitors into repeat visitors / leads / customers

That s it! I don’t believe there is any need to overly complicate the process but getting it right is extremely important for success of your site or blog. Now, lets assume you got the first 3 parts of the equation right and concentrate on the last one – WordPress website conversions of visitors into subscriber and / or customers using a very simple strategy – presenting RELEVANT offers while they are viewing your blog.


WordPress Multilingual CMS Done Simple Using WPML Plugin

WordPress Multilingual options were quite limited compared to other CMS (Content Management Systems) I have used, until now. Using WMPL WordPress translation plugin you can easily translate your blog pages and posts using proper native language.


While WordPress allows you to install blog with support for a specific language it doesn’t permit by default a proper translation of the pages and posts and third party intervention is required to do it correctly.  I know there are plugins and even scripts, such as one used on this blog to allow “machine translation”, it’s far from perfect. I know because I read my own blog in Russian version and its pretty bad…