Turn Your Idle Time Into Productive

It’s funny how we perceive ourselves sometimes and how it can be quite different from how your family does and the differences is quite drastic!

Case to the point….

Over last 4 weeks or so I have worked on getting my current house ready for sale. Contractors going in and out and checks that I sign following alone brought my wife into following line of thinking – we can “save some money” by doing small things such as painting, etc ourselves.

Or Can We?


What I’m Reading…

While it might not be interesting to most – I think information shared in following posts or articles can be not only entertaining but also extremely educational. My weekly round up:

  • Technorati’s State Of Blogosphere 2009 is one of the most detailed reports on what is moving bloggers and statistical data available for free.
  • Stephen Pierce unleashed informational bomb sharing some superb strategies to get highly targeted buyers, not just visitors to your site.
  • How to use WordPress Conditional Statements is more of personal geeky interest on how theme can be customized and provide more targeted experience to reader.
  • Twitter Lists Are Live is an introduction on how to make this tool more useful to you! Great new feature I already started implementing on my own account.

There are more but I don’t want to overload you 🙂

Around Blogosphere This Week

Being a light day, end of the week and all I simply wanted to share with you a few posts that I found incredibly useful reading for myself. Posts that stand out from the rest and perhaps can give you some ideas:

  • Opportunity Is Definitely Knocking by John Reese is a great reminder of what I call “action time”. It is great to be doing all the things we need in order to continue developing our blog, business but lets not forget about one thing – Action that brings income.
  • 7 Blog Promotion Tips From The Devil by Jack Humphrey is a list of things we have to be doing. I swear I’m guilty of doing at least couple things he states Not To. Particularly Number 6 hits home with me.
  • 44% of Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a Web Site by Andy Beal – an older post by in direct correlation with one by John Reese above! 44% of SBA don’t have a proper web presence! And that is an average – you area can be even higher, do you see opportunity that is knocking on your door? Owners of Expert WordPress can fulfill that need under 5 minutes and earn in process!
  • Social Media Slap by Michelle MacPhearson leads to a great video that discusses the problem many bloggers are oblivious to, right now. A must see if you want to avoid being slapped by Google.

Links above were made available in my Twitter stream as I find them and if you like to stay more current, follow me on Twitter @TeSpotter