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Traditionally, the realm of cybersecurity has always been just a geek talk among the geeks. As a matter of fact, most people do not really bother much with cybersecurity despite knowing its importance. This is because they have given up on cybersecurity simply because it is too much hassle. In other words, the general public are just overwhelmed with the online perils that they do not want to do anything with the cybersecurity. Hence, this is why it is very important to humanize cybersecurity so that everyone can truly benefit from it.

Why We Should Humanize Cybersecurity

In the first glance, everyone understands that cybersecurity is very important as it affects everyone. Even if you claim to be living off the grid, you have absolutely no idea that even cybersecurity can impact your life as well. Since the technology has been progressing rapidly like never before, it is constantly being expanded into many areas that people do not expect. In short, everyone will be influenced by cybersecurity directly and indirectly at the same time. It is definitely not a secret that cybersecurity is a global issue that everyone should take seriously.

Since cybersecurity affects everyone, there are many strong reasons that we should humanize cybersecurity. First, cybersecurity should be built around humans instead of devices or objects. This new approach is, in fact, hardly new because technology is all about making it easier and more accessible for people to use it without any worry or fear. It also illustrates how technology grows to a certain point that is beyond its intended purpose. Yet, this is the best time to humanize cybersecurity because there is so much potential when both atmosphere and environment can encourage the development of the cybersecurity market.

The Evolution of the Market

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A long time ago, the cybersecurity market usually revolves around middle-aged men who are seen `as the tech buyers. Thanks to this traditional targeted audience, it appears that the cybersecurity market remains stagnant and is not fully tapped. Such growth and potential of cybersecurity market have yet been realized completely despite numerous advancements in the technology of cybersecurity itself. Realistically speaking, the cybersecurity market should now encompass the younger and wider audience.

Now, we are actually looking at the larger piece of pie, the rapidly growing number of a young demographic that is exposed to wonder and awe of technology. It is rather obvious that the leading industry leaders of the cybersecurity should be making various plans to accommodate the vibrant and dynamic users. For a start, the cybersecurity can be made better and more usable through a more comprehensive implementation which take account of other demographics. In a simpler term, there must be a stronger push in transforming cybersecurity to emphasize user experience instead of complex software.

Rather focusing on product features, it is far better to deliver better customer experience and more tangible benefits. After all, the growth of cybersecurity can take benefit from huge number of users who help to refine it through feedback and testing. As more and more people are taking part in utilizing certain aspects of cybersecurity around the world, the entire field of cybersecurity can finally grow from strength to strength. When the process of humanizing cybersecurity is successful, you will be very surprised to see how it can emerge as disrupting force or game-changing element that can replace a lot of obsolete “legacy” force.

How to Humanize Cybersecurity 

Essentially, it is always the best to start with exploring and demonstrating what the people need, why they need it, and when they need it. It is incredible to observe how these simple questions can revolutionize the concept and implementation of cybersecurity. From social media network, mobile devices to e-commerce, all of these rapidly developing areas definitely require some level of humanization so that cybersecurity can work even more effectively. Secure and uninterrupted protection of these areas can also be achieved easily when everyone is able to understand and use cybersecurity properly. As a matter of fact, cybersecurity has become more friendly and easier, yet powerful and effective enough to offer full protection against the most determined cybercriminals.

Recognize the Changing Landscape

Needless to say, it is very important to rethink the approach of handling the current cybersecurity because it can get frustrating when the cybersecurity does not work very well as it should be. As mentioned earlier, there is this perception that not everyone is really keen on knowing how to embrace cybersecurity. Humanization of cybersecurity should be seen as a holistic approach in restructuring the way we protect our digital lifestyle. Just as tech startups emerge to defy the obsolete methods by offering newer and better approaches, so too cybersecurity should grow in tandem with them as well.

There is no surprise the digital landscape has completely changed and industry leaders should do more than just building cybersecurity products; they should introduce cybersecurity as part of the way we live. In other words, it should be seen as something integral to our modern life. After all, cybersecurity is all about securing, protecting and connecting our need of technology in a more seamless manner. Hence, humanizing cybersecurity will bring intended balance to everyone that enjoys the digital world.