Recommended Resources

On this page you will find list of resources split by categories that I personally use right now and found to be most beneficial to my online ventures. Some generate cash flow, some save me time and some are simply MUST HAVE tools if you are serious about your own online business. While I will do my best to provide free tools and free information – in some cases it simply isn’t possible or not worth the effort and a commercial products will be recommended.

Web Hosting And Domain Name Registration

  • – My highest recommended hosting based on personal experience. Not only do they provide a good price and value for your money but also what perhaps is even more important – superb customer service and 24/7 phone support. Great for WordPress hosting since part of your package is Fantastico scripts panel that includes 2 clicks blog installation. Simplicity and quality combined with great value – you can’t go wrong.

WordPress, Plugins, Themes

  • WordPress – download you latest blog package here. Detailed installation and upgrade instructions available if you decide not to use Fantastico install and do everything manually.
  • WordPress Themes – choose the look of your blog and download theme that fits your personality the most.
  • WordPress Plugins – enhance your blog by using free plugins. Organized by categories plugins include all essential links and some basic explanations on what it does.

Blog In A Box – Turnkey Blogging System

  • Expert WordPress – Stop trying to build a blog! Access my own complete system that comes with a WordPress blog preloaded with ALL plugins and Custom theme ready to earn and several hours of video tutorials to teach you every single aspect of the Blogging For Profit.  Learn to drive hoards of hungry traffic and earn from it. (Shameless plug but I do believe that nobody provides the value and support equal to my product)

Blog Automation And Content On Autopilot

Methods shared withing products provided below were tested by me and confirmed to work. Please be advised that these will not make you an authority figure on the niche you pick but they do work and they do generate income.

  • WP Auto Installer – Need to install a blog network on unprecedented scale? How about 50 blogs in 3 minutes? I know,I know … this tool is not designed to create a network of authority blogs but it can GREATLY simplify the task installing a network of “supporting” blogs. Add to the fact that it comes with WP Auto Update plugin to automate process of Upgrade management and it is well worth a look!
  • WP Cloner – need to duplicate your blog? Settings, plugins, posts? Have a look at what options you are provided with through this plugin. Perhaps one of the more useful options this plugin provides is an ability to create a “template” for all your future blog builds.
  • Easy Blog Pro – very effective guide that provides you with custom scripts and teaches you how to turn any WordPress blog into fully automated Article Directory and then monetize it via AdSense or any other means you choose to integrate into blog. Or simply shows you a way to add extra content to your existing blog. Earning depend on your niche and how you decide to use it but has proven to increase profits on my test blog 10 times in first week (and ongoing). See full review here.
  • WordPress Traffic – Absolutely unique set of 3 WordPress plugins that allow you to put a blog on autopilot including Content Generation and Scheduling and Auto promotion on Social Networks. Extremely effective when used properly and dangerous in wrong hands.
  • AutoSocial Poster – If set of tools provided by WP Traffic is more then you need and you need a simpler way to auto submit your blog to a huge number of social sites – this plugin is for you. It provides with a larger number then WPT of Social Networks and one of the best in what it does.
  • 10 Days Cash Secret – Create a Niche Blog filled with content generated from Affiliate Product Feed. Schedule content to appear automatically and fully optimized for SEO. Extremely effective for getting high rankings on VERY long tail keywords (product names), which leads to a high click through and nice affiliate commissions. In my combined tests this product works very nicely when you ADD 2 products above it. EBP for more Content and WordPress Traffic for Social Networks promotion. I use only one plugin out of 3 but that is all I needed.
  • Affiliate Blog Builder – Build Niche Sites Fast En Easy. Turn A WordPress Blog Into An Affiliate Product Store And Make It Niche Specific. Import Affiliate Products From Commission Junction ( With The Click Of A Few Buttons. Dripfeed And Rewrite Options For Unique Content.
  • WP Spinner – WordPress plugin that solves the duplicate content penalties issue. Not free but if Article marketing is part of your overall strategies this plugin is well worth looking into.
  • Synonimizer – In a nutshell an article spinner plugin. If you got a number of PLR articles you would like to post to your blog and make them appear unique – this plugin is for you. Author calls it Duplicate Content Cure although I see its greatest benefit in its ability to SPIN those articles and still make them appear readable.

Monetize Your Blog

  • ClickBank – earn 50-75% affiliate commissions by offering products directly related to your niche. Has proven to be a superb option for my blog even with fairly low number of daily visitors. Definitely a lot higher pay then I would have gotten through YPN (tested) or AdSense (guess, since it is similar to YPN). If you have a WordPress blog, read my article detailing how to implement this technique.
  • Amazon Associate Program – Earn with the pioneers of affiliate marketing. I love this program since it offers brand name recognition that people trust and also once a visitor comes from your link – you get paid for any purchases they make. Best part of Amazon is their marketing tools and superb sales tactics. Once a customer purchases item they offer similar items and in my experience, most people will buy more then one item and as such you will earn more. Read some detailed options on using Amazon Contextual ads on your blog.
  • Auction Affiliate – Do you know the power of eBay? Why millions spend their hard earned cash on it? Well if you don’t – don’t worry, cause I don’t either but what I do know is that this plugin allows you to become an auto affiliate with eBay and get a chunk of the cash people willing to spend there! Great plugin especially for the right niche blog!
  • Easy WordPress AdSense – If you want to make money from Google Adsense, then this ebook will reveal a step-by-step, foolproof method of using WordPress to build content and traffic to your niche sites. Read my full review here.

Market Research And Search Engine Optimization

I’m a strong believer that your market research and SEO should be done BEFORE you begin to blog if you are planning to do it for profit. As such I recommend resources I personally use and found to be the best.

  • Niche Annihilation Method – Very effective way to locate a niche and then take steps to ensure you can occupy top positions and earn from your labor. This one is not pretty but work if you put some work into it.
  • SEO Made Easy by Brad Callen. I consider this one of the best resources when it comes to information on Search Engine Optimization. Brad is the guy behind SEO Elite and Keyword Elite tools used by many Internet Marketers and he really knows what he is teaching. Whenver you decide to get serious about your SEO optimization or decide you need a tool to help you find profitable niches – I can highly recommend tools created by Brad and mentioned above.
  • SEO Codebreaker – Step-by-step Video tutorials that cover pretty much all you need to know about SEO. What I personally like about the product is that it has a dedicated section to WordPress blog optimization. See my complete review on this one.

All About Bloggin And Promotion

  • Authority Blackbook by Jack Humphrey. Unmatched in usefulness report by a true guru on creating Authority Websites (emphasized so much by John Reese) will teach you everything you need to know to take your blog into Web 2.0 profits. Master of social networks and free traffic generation shares his strategies and was one of the most influential eBooks that prompted me to emerge into profitable blogosphere.
  • Social Power Linking – Best of the breed methods to Drive Free, Targeted Traffic To Your Website Or Blog That Lasts Forever, And Grows For The Life Of Your Business!
  • 30 Minutes Backlinks – If you are willing to put 30 minutes every few days to use methods shared in this unique video tutorial – you are guaranteed to get hundreds of One Way Backlinks that will continue to grow and help you Dominate Your Niche. Read full review

Internet Marketing

  • Internet Success System by Mark Hendricks. Complete Step-by-Step home study course and LIVE master mind conference program created by one of the top Internet Marketers and one that I respect the most. He actually does what he preaches and you will not get a fluff from him but a complete guidance. Combine that with access to his Master Mind conference and direct communication to Mark and the price (which is a lot lower then many other less known people ask) will seem small. Also Mark is the ONLY guru that EVER directly replied to my emails almost every time, which simply shows true integrity of the person behind the teachings. Now with 4 levels of membership (including FREE) so you can advance in your knowledge at your own pace!
  • How To Build And Profit From Your Own Lists by Mark Hendricks. If my consistent recommendation of Mark’s products didn’t give you a hint yet – here is direct statement: Mark is one of the best in the business at ethical marketing and his strategies greatly appeal to me. But id this is not enough, consider that many top Internet Marketers call Mark a “granddaddy of list building”.

Autoresponder Services

  • Aweber – my most recommended service since I personally use it and come to love the options they provide, high quality support and one of the best deliverability rates in industry. You’ve heard that money is in the list – make sure you build your own, just because you have blog and not marketing website doesn’t mean you should skip this option. Use free trial option to test the waters.

… more to come


  1. Len

    Hey Alex,

    Great info – thank you!

    I see you recommend Host Gator. In another post you said you no longer recommend using Fantastico.

    It seems that Fantastico is a major selling point to Host Gator. Do you still recommend them even though you no longer using Fantastico. (I’ve been having trouble with my hosting company so I may need to move a site and blog.)


    • TheSpot-er


      For me main selling point to hostgator is their support and server uptime. I’ve been with them for almost a year and never had single issue and whenever I had any questions – I got almost instant support.

      On Fantastico – on that post I recommend Not to use it but also state that I think “installing” blog initially is great just not upgrading. Install option via fantastico can be a life saver to a people new to the whole process and enable them to get started and then learn in process. But that is just my opinion …

  2. Leon


    I am having a problem uploading my mp3 files to my church blog at I have modified the.htaccess and php.ini files as they suggested but still only a portion of the file uploads before filezilla or cpanel times out.
    How should I place mp3 audio and video files on a blog? Is it better to store them elsewhere and link to them or is there a way to get around the size limit problem.
    I have seen many similar problems on the net but none of the responses seems to have worked.
    I have not heard back from Lunarpages since trying thier suggestion several days ago and replying to them.

    • TheSpot-er


      Sorry, not sure how to help you ate this point. If both FTP and built-in file upload manager times out – that indicates an issue with host to me. I recommend to se if you can host it offsite somewhere like or similar and play it on your blog or change host.


  3. Leon


    Thanks for the suggestion. I will investigate Divshare. I hope you will do a post on how to use such services with a blog. Did you have this issue with your recommended hosts and if so how did you initially get around it?

    • TheSpot-er


      I never had an issue you described. I do make sure to use quality hosting. Sorry I don’t know much about lunar pages …

  4. Zo

    Thanks for the super info here Alex!
    Will be recommending your blog thats for sure.

    Zo’s last blog post..Autosurfs – do they work?

  5. Felix@business tips

    Hi Alex,

    Im new to blogging and would like to say that look forward to your email every week. I have learned alot from you.


  6. Zoobie Joy

    Wow! These Internet Marketing tools are really nice..^^ I love almost all of them…^^ anyways thanks a bunch for sharing this wonderful list!

    Zoobie Joys last blog post..The Faster Webmaster

  7. Stephan

    Great Resources!

    It's like a one stop Online Business Development Post!

  8. MOin

    Brilliant worth spending 10 minutes on this post, ultimate resources for a successful blog but some of the links are broken. i hope you fix them someday. am looking forward for Blog Automation And Content On Autopilot because i think blogs like these can monetize you while you are sleeping.

  9. Hendarin

    Hi There,

    I am a newbie in this field, and I bought both Alex’s products/course ExpertWordpress, I think the latest product is very good, and Alex always reply to my questions via e-mail.

    Making a blog and optimizing it become so easy, I am not monetizing it properly though.

    I’ll share with you guys as soon as I receive income from my blog 🙂

  10. Ken Jimmerson

    Hi Alex,

    I enjoy getting the updates and resources you have to offer in your blog.
    I had a need to post regular audio updates on my blog for information and advertising purpose.
    Robert Plank offered a course on writing your own plugins so I purchased it. Also, I got his feedback on it.
    I came up with MyVoice widget. It allows you to change your voice message on your blog from your phone.
    I would like to see if you would evaluate it and get your opinion and/or suggestions.
    The details are located at and the plugin is on
    Please email me your comments. Thank you for your time.

    Ken Jimmerson

  11. Abdulrehman

    It’s good that you had Hostgator in the web hosts section because they’re the best, I’ve been with them for about 8 months now and not even once have I witnessed a down-time. Their service is worth an appraisal!

  12. Elizabeth

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

  13. Lillea Woodlyns

    I was surprised to find out I had made money with Amazon over the last few months. It really can work well. The commission per sale is low but the earnings can definitely add up when people buy a few things during their visit. Amazon is really good at suggesting related products that entice the buyer to keep buying – so much so that I’ve had to hold myself back when shopping there, and I can be a tough sell. lol.

    It was interesting to read what the people ended up buying (I can’t see their name of course, only the sales) – the product I had recommended wasn’t related to the other items bought, often. For example, one of my recommendations was in the electronics dept. and someone went on to buy a pair of tights and a Celtic music CD. Fascinating!

  14. Jess (SEO)

    Interesting options on “Monetize Your Blog” i will try it some of them and leave Google Adsense. thank again for sharing

  15. Manford Wood

    I really like your blog install program i have some more to install and i thought man 7 bucks to have a secure and setup blog gotta do it
    well i am a subscriber to your blog and i cant get the order form to let me get he 7 buck option none will says that info is already there it is
    what do i need to do to get the 7buck script?
    Also as i was scanning thru this info page i found that Auction Affiliate dont seem to be working thought you might like to know.
    thanks you guys do good work
    Manford Wood

    • TheSpotter

      Manford – login into your account and navigate to Upgrades section. You will be able to upgrade your existing account. Also you don’t get the script – you get access to the functionality it provides.

  16. David

    Hi there,

    I have to say this is totally awesome.

    There are some things in here that I’ve been looking for, that I didn’t know I needed..!

    Thanks again, a wonderful resource.


    • TheSpotter

      Thanks David,

      You just reminded me I need to edit this page and update it 🙂

      • David

        Glad I can be of help to you.. 😉


  17. derek

    wow, your a great finder man, thanks for all the software links, it a great help, and good post,

  18. Brian

    Great resources,

    tks for the informations.



  19. James Neil

    As I understand it, the new Google Caffeine algorithm will reward a site for having “human” interaction (ie) comments. I left a Comment on one of your previous posts and was impressed with the reply email I got.

    Question: was this an automate reply (or) did you personally do this? Also, since I have a Comment Luv account, my last post is automatically inserted / connected to my comment.

    Unfortunately, the WP theme I use has issues with Comment Luv, so I will need to update my theme as I would like to start using a more engaging comment system on my social media marketing blog.


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