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WPSalesGraphic WordPress Plugin


WPSalesGraphic plugin allows you to quickly and easily create high impact graphics to use inside your blog posts and pages to improve conversions with impact. Enhance affiliate promotions, your own sales pages or just jazz-up your regular WordPress blog posts to engage readers and improve visitor retention. Simple to use with live preview this plugin allows you to turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional sales and lead generation tool with power packed performance! See full details and video demonstration.

Adoption of cloud computing services in regulated industries and not only

A recent study from a cloud security firm has pointed out that businesses and government agencies are warming rapidly to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. A steep increase in the adoption rate has been witnessed in the past one and a half years, pertaining to applications of cloud computing. The most important moves in this sector have been initiated by regulated industries and the government structures.

This piece of information comes from a new study conducted by Bitglass which is a cloud security firm. The firm analyzed traffic from North American organizations and presented a report stating that there has been a surge of 71% in the usage of cloud computing services among private companies. The increase in the public sector is more than 300%

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Why Is My Website Not Ranking: Top 13 Possible Reasons

Like in school, where grades make a big difference to your status, ranking high with websites isn’t easy. However, the formula for it isn’t plain hard-work; it is ‘Smart-Work.’

“Why is my website not ranking?” The woebegone cries of hardworking website owners!

This article lists the top 13 reasons why a deserving website fails to reach the high rank it is worthy of.

Ranging from ‘Un-Optimized Keywords’ to ‘Google Guidelines’, this list contains the most common points overlooked in most websites, thereby limiting their rankings.

Read through to identify your SEO mistakes and learn how to soar your SEO rankings in 2016.

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New Business? Get Social!

New businesses must include social media as part of their marketing strategy. Regardless of whether you begin a brick and mortar company or do business only online, the social media can build credibility for your brand and a sense of community among your customers. As millions of people daily log into most popular social networking sites, they need to find your company and the goods and services you provide. The following tips will help you formulate and execute a social media strategy that works for you.

Plan for Social Media

When starting your business, you probably have decided to hire a web designer or website design firm to build an online presence. Your company must plan to spend time and money on its social media presence. Studies have shown that as little time as six hours weekly spent engaging your target market can result in increased website traffic that can lead to increased sales. When you include social media campaigns in your business plan and operating budget, you integrate social media with your culture. Of course, every company needs to go beyond time and money to develop a winning social media strategy.

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WordPress Post Formats- Best feature for encouraging maximum blogging

Considering the sky-rocketing success of social media, it is hard to imagine web content losing its significance in the forthcoming years. Nowadays, blogs have become one of the most popular tools for expressing and sharing ideas with the world. Powering your blogging site with WordPress CMS can turn to be the safest and most fulfilling business investment. Unlike various other blogging platforms, WordPress comes with amazing features that encourage shorter and more frequent blogging for your site. One such WordPress feature that has played a pivotal role in enhancing blogging for a WordPress site is Post Formats. Although a highly under-utilized feature, Post Formats has been under debate since a very long duration of time. In this blog, I’ll be throwing some more light on this WordPress feature. By the end of this post, you’ll definitely gain a complete insight on Post formats and what good they do to all bloggers.

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High Tech Trends To Dominate In 2016

As technology and customer attitudes are always changing, so must marketers adjust accordingly.  For 2016, marketers will need to think outside the box and the usual channels to stay ahead.  Here are the top 6 marketing trends that will dominate in the coming year.

Video Ads become more popular

More and more users are becoming more responsive to video ads on social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Bing.  A study by Specific Media found 61% of video viewers were happy to view adverts in exchange for free content.  According to a report by Business Insider, video ad revenue will reach almost $5 billion in 2016.  It was only $2.8 in 2013, nearly doubling in 3 years.  Video ads have an average click through rate of 1.84%.  This is higher than the average for other formats.  With video ads, businesses will see good interaction with their brands, products, or services.

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5 Reasons to consider adding Live Chat support to your business


Live chat is one of the best new innovations in customer service. There are many benefits for companies who invest in this feature. Over the long term, companies who have a live chat service have happier customers. Any business owner who wants to increase the happiness of customers should consider investing in this area. Here are five of the biggest reasons to consider adding live chat support to your business.

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