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How to Use SEO to Incredibly Increase Your Marketing

Search Engine OptimizationThe 21st century is a beautiful time to live in. This is the time of the internet. The world is moving fast to this digital age. This is the place where the world will take its businesses. As a business person, are you moving with the world to this exciting time in history or are you waiting to go down the drain?

You might have embraced the marketing of your content online. Have you ever asked yourself why you still don’t get as much as consumers compared to the marketing effort you put? Well, you have to do a bit of magic to survive in the internet.

As such, you have to embrace search engine optimization. SEO is the process of obtaining large numbers of users of the internet to your site from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. It is a great marketing strategy for businesses. Your competitors are working day and night to ensure the success of their SEO marketing strategy. Your business is no exception.

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Merry Christmas To All!

Yet another year is almost over and once again Christmas upon us. I want to take this time to wish all my friends and readers, as well as casual visitors a Very Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all the best but most importantly – health and love to you and your family! Everything else will come in due time, as long as these two factors are in place!

Merry Christmas!

Understanding the Keyword Inspector in Amazon

Sellers in Amazon.com usually describe their items with keywords that they imagine will be typed in by users. They try to put themselves in the mind of a buyer, which is not the easiest thing. The keywords that are actually used are surprisingly different yet sensible.

Instead of shooting in the dark, it would be ideal to predict what a user would key in with accuracy. To predict that, one should start with what buyers have keyed in recently. That is what providers of keyword tools are aiming to achieve. However, it is no mean task.

In amazon, there are tens of millions of searches for a product category and millions for an ASIN. ASIN is the unique identifier assigned by Amazon for a product. The goal is to reverse ASIN reports so that the numbers of searches per keyword are visible. There are billions of combinations of keywords and ASIN that are unique.

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How jQuery and WordPress Have Revolutionized Web Development

What is jQuery? You must be asking yourself. JQuery is a fast, small, and rich Java Script library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

There are numerous other JavaScript frameworks out there but jQuery seems to be the most popular and also the most extendable. Actually it is the application recommended by most Chicago SEO companies. jQuery is used by some big companies on their websites. You might want to know a few.

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4 Courses That Turn WordPress Users into Developers (Free and Paid Options)

Having crossed the toddler years in using WordPress you are eligible to shed the tag of a beginner. This is the stage when you feel confident in using the versatile features of WordPress applications and might be keen to proceed further. Considering that your next goal would be to see you in the role of a developer, you must be on the lookout for suitable education that is available from various WordPress courses available online.

The internet is flooded with online courses that teach WordPress but the irony is that most of these courses are meant for beginners. The ideal courses in advanced learning are not available in plenty. WordPress users who are in search of quality online education for the advanced stages might find a hard time to locate these easily. Based on a research of online WordPress courses, four courses have been discussed in this article. The courses have been chosen with the purpose of educating WordPress users who are keen to cross the intermediate level and also meant for those who want to qualify for advanced learning.

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