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WPCornerPeel Plugin Video Tutorial And Review

WPCorenrPeel plugin is an excellent choice for WordPress bloggers who are searching for a way to monetize their blogs without annoying customers. In this short post I will provide a video tutorial and demonstration of the plugin, functionality it provides and why you should consider adding it to your toolbox.

Watch the video below…

WPCornerPeel Plugin Demo

As you can see – plugin is very simple to use and implement and allows you to integrate corner peel ads with extreme simplicity. Same type of ads you see on this blog, ads that generated me a fair amount of income!

Just click image below to get started!

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11 Responses to “WPCornerPeel Plugin Video Tutorial And Review”

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m always looking for additional ways to effectively monetize my blog without annoying my visitors. I’ve seen other corner peel ads but this is probably the best and it doesn’t get any easier to set it up. I’m going to give it a try and see how it works out.

    Thanks for adding the video.

    • TheSpotter says:

      Thanks Robert, it worked for me on standard blog install without any problems. Although this blog is using my old script code because it allows me to run it from CDN.

  2. Dennis Edell says:

    How is this better, or even different from the peel-away’s that have been around for sometime?

  3. I was looking for something similar and now i will try it on my blog.

  4. Rocque says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the plugin, Alex. I had the manual install on one of my blogs, but it did not make it past the upgrade to WP 2.8, or my pop up blocker is blocking it. I am not sure which one it is. I will definitely look at this plugin.

  5. Anish G. says:

    Pretty cool. Haven’t seen many plugins that do this. Thanks for the review, Alex! I’ll give it a go ’cause it looks effective.