was-ecovermedium.pngBefore I even begin with my review of Easy WordPress AdSense System created by Gobala Krishnan I have to mention that it is only second review of the blogging product I have done within almost a year. And believe me – it is not due to lack of products I seen. I purchased many to evaluate possible competition and get JV offers for others but sadly I have to say that most of them went directly into my virtual Trash Can.

That is why I was quite interested when Gobala asked me if I would like to review his product and offer to my readers and subscribers at discount Wink. Yeah, I’m an affiliate but that is the only way you can get the $30 discount, as this offer is not available to general public and time limited. But even affiliate commissions wouldn’t matter if I didn’t think the product was worth sharing with you. After taking the time to review his offer I can easily say that it’s worth the score of 5 out of 5 but you will have to read details on why…

What Is Easy WordPress AdSense System?

Main product consists of an eBook (177 pages), 7 Days Action plan (pdf document), 30 Custom Niche blog templates with AdSense already integrated, Keyword Generator Tool (windows software), 180 Niche Keywords (spreadsheet of keywords with high potential) and 10 Screencam Video Tutorials (online video tutorials in flash format). I have no intentions to review his bonuses and you will just have to visit his sales page to see them as I want to concentrate on main product…

WordPress AdSense System eBook

This is the most comprehensive eBook on building Niche blogs using WordPress and monetizing them via AdSense I have seen to date. Considering limitations of PDF format Gobala managed to cover extremely well every single step required to setup blog, promote it, earn from it and optimize it for getting free traffic from search engines (SEO is well covered) and social networks.

He begins with explaining basic blogging concepts and then moves into more complex details with every technical detailed illustrated with images. In fact I don’t think I have seen any eBook do it as well as he managed to pull it off. I think the only way he could make it easier is by creating a Video Course ( Laughing ). And his eBook covers EVERY aspect you would need to know as blogger and some I have never even touched in my own product. Below I list only the main sections of the eBook to give you overview of what he covers:

  • The Ultimate WordPress Crash Course – all about tools you would need for blogging, comparison of multiple blog platforms which leads to superiority of WordPress and how to earn using that excellent system and AdSense (I fully agree with Gobala here Money mouth)
  • Building Your First WordPress Blog – all about domain name research and registration, hosting, installing of WordPress using Fantastico and “5 Minute Install” methods. Step-by-step details on themes and plugins installation and work with them. Gobala expands here on static pages versus latest posts front pages and when and when they should be used.
  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization – This section goes into details on keywords research using free and commercial tools and discusses how Keywords Effectiveness Index (KEI) impacts your chances for success. SEO basics for your blog and tools you need for it, effective permalink structure and details on writing your posts optimized for SE’s for the keywords you have researched or Content Based. I like how Gobala splits here the differences and explains when each should be used.
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization – this entire section works with building your blog authority using multiple linking methods and directory submissions. Detailed coverage on RSS and how to use it effectively for promotion.
  • Secret Google AdSense Tactics Revealed – all the AdSense basics, with some tips on using effective ads placement and tracking results on your blog. Most people simply place ads on their blog and never track which are more effective, reading this section should help you KNOW what ads perform the best for you and how to avoid low paying clicks.
  • Implementing AdSense on WordPress – This section works directly with WordPress and AdSense and give you all the info you need … and I mean really ALL.
  • Building Great Niche Blog Content – All about niche blogs. Gobala goes more into details on structuring your blog Keywords based or Content based. Each strategy is quite different and can have great impact on performance. Proper content research and creation is a very nice touch as without it – you got no blog to monetize… Gobala does very well here to help you build your niche blog.
  • Outsourcing Content Development – got too many blogs and earning enough to hire some help? This section will help you.
  • Building Massive Traffic & Readership – all about RSS readership, commenting and social networking. This section combines technical details with “social engineering” to help you boost your traffic stats.
  • Tag and Ping Secrets Revealed – I have learned more than one tip in this section on working with Technorati. I had some good results with this social network before and now I just learned new techniques to try. Some real good info here people Cool!
  • The Social Bookmarking Trend – all about social bookmarking and using it effectively. Gobala provides some nice details on what you need to know about social bookmarking and avoiding getting banned from networks and recommendation for a commercial plugin, which can be a nice addition to your blogging arsenal.
  • Alternate Monetization Strategies – this section has some contradictions in my opinion. Perhaps because it was written BEFORE the Google slap on all the blogs with paid reviews and Text Links for sale. I would be careful about using some of these strategies.

Keep in mind those are just the MAJOR sections and each contains a wealth of information separated by topics which I obviously didn’t describe to the fullest. Add to great content recommendations based on real world experience and links to tools to make your job simpler and this eBook becomes a great resource for any blogger.

7 Days Action Plan

PDF document designed with one single goal – help you to get your tasks completed in most efficient manner and build your Niche blogs faster. Not very organized? Then this one will become a nice resource for you Wink

Keyword Generator and 180 Keywords

Keyword Generator tool is a Windows only software that works like a champ but has some limitations. It uses Free Wordtracker tool to generate keywords and if you hit it too many times – you have to go to Wordtracker and use their verification system to ensure that queries from your IP come from human and not robot. I think similar issue exists with too many queries to Google as I had problems getting results after a few queries. But it should help you get rolling and if you don’t have ideas – use the included list of keywords already researched for you!

10 Flash Videos

Great addition to Gobala’s system, as these videos show you in my favorite format some of the tasks to be completed when working with your blog. Several versions available – online videos or if you want to take them on the road you are provided with Windows Media files and iTunes (put that shiny iPod to use, will ya Wink).

30 Super AdSense WordPress Themes

These are SE optimized, Niche targeted, custom themes that make the entire monetization process explained in eBook extremely simple. Very nice looking and quality built themes with clean and professional look well suited for a niche blog.

AdSense already integrated and makes it simple for you to start earning, using information Gobala shares. I think that outside of the eBook, these themes present the highest value in the product.

What About the Minuses?

However much we try – all our products will have a minus or two. It is a nature of informational products and Easy WordPress AdSense System is no different…

Gobala does extremely well in his coverage of keyword research, optimization of your posts for search engines based on those keywords (or an alternative content based optimization) but surprisingly he still sends us to Yahoo Keyword Suggestion tool, which has been dead for nearly a year. He does provide some alternatives later but I think Overture should have been simply removed in his revision to prevent missleading people new to the topic of keywords research.

Since Niche blogs he teaches you to build so heavily rely on proper keywords research and optimization I think this step should have been addressed. If you need a better alternative for keywords research I recommend you look at this free report.

Second minus, as I see it, is that his system advises you to build multiple blogs to earn with AdSense. This is not something new and he is absolutely correct in advising to create a system that works, replicate its results, track you results and manage your expectations but I just view it as too much work – hey, I’m lazy Cool. Managing even one blog requires a lot of work, much less multiple. He does teach how to outsource the task, which offsets this minus to some extent but you will have to start earning first…

Summary and Recommendations

I personally think that this eBook is great resource not only for a new bloggers but also to many who still struggle to earn. We all know that 90% of bloggers don’t earn enough to even cover their hosting expenses. If you still fail to earn from AdSense using this guide and tools provided – I can only say that perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. This eBook is the best guide I have seen that covers every detail of earning from your WordPress blog via AdSense!

Even if you simply blog for fun – techniques Gobala shares will help you pay for your hosting and then some and his excellent themes will surely make your blog look more professional and what is even better – profitable. 99% of the free themes I have personally seen are a lot lower quality.

All in all I give Easy WordPress AdSense System a score of 5 out of 5 as I managed to pick up a few tricks from it myself, even though I didn’t always agree with what Gobala teaches. Grab this product now and save $30 while it is still available!