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When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?

31 days to build a better blogThis weekend I have finished my reading of Darren Rowse eBook31 Days To Build a Better Blog“. All 94 pages of it! To say that it contains great information would be unfair understatement! eBook is a great resource for any blogger, no matter which platform you are using as it deals with general concepts that will apply to any platform and action steps that will work for ANY blog. So the question is then – why did I title this post:

When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?

Right? Excellent point!

So there I was, seating… reading… agreeing…

Right up until I got to Day 27 (yes, entire ebook is a compilation of Blog Posts by Darren that was used in project with same name) – Hunt for Dead Links [Day 27: 31DBBB].

Entire lesson in that day is based on a VERY GOOD and solid “best practice” guideline for webmasters – be sure that you site doesn’t contain any dead links.

And by dead links it simply means – any link that goes to a page that either no longer exist or changed. It is a great advice but quite frankly – EXTREMELY time consuming. I don’t know about you but for me finding a time to create content and maintain other aspects of my online business is a lot more important.

Especially since there is No Known or at least confirmed penalty for having dead links as Darren rightfully states in his lesson and as mentioned by many other blogs around the web.

Problem often comes from using plugins on our blogs, as they create links not designed to be followed and as such give errors, that is in addition to actual links that are dead. On my last scan I had hundreds of “dead links” and it would require me way too much time to address them. Perhaps if you are just starting a new blog and integrate the process into your monthly routine as Darren suggests – it will work but for me…

Bad Investment of my time, considering that I don’t see it helping or punishing me.  So the questions is now – what do I think about eBook overall?

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

As I have stated right before I jumped into the argument on one of the points Darren makes in his eBook – “…I was, seating… reading… agreeing…

That is because I think that eBook is a superb reference and action steps guide. While it is available for reading on Darren’s blog – I like to have an easy access to information, print is and read at my convenience. Yeah, I like to read printed information, as it also allows me to highlight the points I need to further look into and make the guide truly useful to me!

Oh, yeah – the eBook also includes notes from Darren, references for additional reading  and Action Steps for each Lesson, which I’m sure many will appreciate.


Quite nice features in my opinion!

While you can read the entire Guide on Darren’s Blog – I recommend you purchase the eBook edition as for $14 it is great investment! Even if you don’t follow every lesson I can assure you that you will get a lot of great information and with printed material – you can actually separate it into action steps as YOU are willing to take them!

31 days to build a better blog

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I never recommend something I didn’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.

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10 Responses to “When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?”

  1. Will Hall says:

    This is very useful information, that’s for the post I am currently just starting up a few blogs of my own.
    .-= Will Hall´s last blog ..Ensure Mail Delivery Everywhere =-.

  2. Martin says:

    I think this is pretty nice idea for a book. It is very simple and could be very handful because its written by a blogger from his experiences. Really, reading about theory is something totally different from using knowledge to make money. And this could be just like reading a diary or just some another blog. So I like the idea a lot. The simplicity is the strongest side of any brilliant idea in my opinion.

  3. Hard to believe Darren is letting it go so cheaply, especially when it’s so good that even you, the WordPress King, endorse it! Maybe you should work a deal with him to include it i the paid version of EWP…

    Thanks for the heads-up on 31 Days to Build a Better Blog!
    .-= Doug Champigny´s last blog ..Using Twitter But Not Retweeting? How Gauche! =-.

  4. Josh Braaten says:

    I think improvement is always a great thing, but it can be easy to get bogged down in the minutia of changes. Do what gets you the biggest bang for the buck. Don’t dawdle on the small stuff. Good post.
    .-= Josh Braaten´s last blog ..Internet Meetups for Minneapolis, St. Paul and Beyond =-.

  5. Stefan says:

    I recently bought this eBook because of all the great reviews on it. Hopefully I will learn something new from it as well and not simply find all the old information rewritten.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..How to Research Valuable Keywords =-.

  6. I’m against putting links using automated machines. I think that those tools are just not good enough to give only good links and not to give some harmful actions. There is always a risk that you comment or link will get in some place that doesn’t belong to. This is less possible if you link by yourself. And that method makes you also read some interesting blogs.
    .-= Thomas Catmark´s last blog ..Bird’s Nest =-.

  7. Melissa says:

    I very much appreciated your writings and sharing your thoughts to everyone. I expect more articles to read for the next time.

    Noah Group


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  3. Barbara Ling says:

    Love your take RT @TheSpotter When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?