I few days ago I was approached with request for paid review of a newcomer to text link marketplace and one that is significantly differ from Text Link Ads and similar services. After a few days of using it, while I’m not 100% sold on it I find it very appealing and while only time test will show its effectiveness – right now I’m rather impressed.

In this review I want to concentrate on major benefits and outline a few minuses as well as discuss how you as blogger can benefit from it, and why you should at the very least consider trying it.

As many others, TNX allows you to buy links and earn via affiliate program but it is its hybrid nature that clearly separates TNX from all other service that makes it attractive to bloggers in my personal opinion. The guys behind the scenes managed to pull of a hybrid of best features offered by tex link exchanges, traffic exchanges and text link marketplace and polled it into very effective and easy to use system.

Major features and What was done right.

Appealing and very intuitive control panel interface that combines Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate accounts while still managing to clearly separate it into sub-sections. Extremely easy to navigate and access exact options you need and get the job done fast. In my opinion interface is by far superior to other services but it is obviously a matter of opinion. I just personally like its Web 2.0 style and feel. See screenshot below:

How system works.

This is where TNX showcases its difference and uniqueness. Entire system is based on points system just like link exchange and you generate points by selling links on your blog. Number of points generated highly depends on Page rank and number of incoming links and the higher those numbers – more points you get for links placed on your blog.

As a publisher you have full control of what links will be placed on your blog. I love this system that allows me to earn from my blog without sacrificing the quality of offerings. I have just logged into the system today and found about 10 links pointing to some Stock Market blog. Sorry, not my cup of tee, so I just deleted them from my “links sold” control panel. Another great feature provided is ability to remove specific pages on your blog from link placement and advertisements from specific services. I think its important especially if you have a page or post that makes you money and last thing you want to do is send your readers to some third party site and lose sale.

Once you have generated points you have several different and unique options. One is the most obvious – Sell Your points back to TNX. They purchase it from you at about 50% of what it would cost you to buy same amount, which at first seems like a rather high cut but due to variable pricing it really not as bad as it might sounds. Which brings me to next option …

Sell your points directly to Other Advertisers. TNX allows you to sell your points directly to other advertisers at discount, which makes it for a great discount for them as opposed to official price points and nice monetization for you. Price per 1k points varies and at the time of this writing is $1.2, which means you can sell for a $1 same amount of points as opposed to $0.60 if you sell it directly to TNX and everyone will be happy.

But perhaps the best option in my opinion is one I currently use – convert your points in advertised links using a campaign easily created via Advertiser account. While I’m still in process of building my blog authority in search engine eyes I need as many incoming links as possible. Most blogs that are just been established more then likely will be in same boat. Creating campaign is simple and allows me to create a number of links that will be placed on sites within categories I define and using anchor text I have chosen. Number of links I can get highly depends on options I have chosen – less PR and number of incoming links – more links I can get. Here is an example of what 20,000 points can get you:

  • 20,000 links from PR0 pages on multiple websites
  • 400 links from PR1 pages on multiple websites
  • 200 links from PR2 pages on multiple websites
  • 100 links from PR3 pages on multiple websites
  • 40 links from PR4 pages on multiple websites
  • 20 links from PR5 pages on multiple websites

And here is the kicker – due to a lag and possibly discontinuation of PR system by Google as discussed by many bloggers at this time – you can place your links on PR0 blogs just like mine that has this rank due this lag and still gets high traffic! Hmm, Big G playing games and we finally benefit form it 🙂

To get started and evaluate the service is simple especially if you take advantage of 2,000 bonus points offer provided on Digital Point forum. Visit this thread and learn how you can get yours.

Affiliate System

Affiliate program is integral to TNX and gives you another option to earn points. And once again, unlike many others it doesn’t pay you any flat fees but instead provides you with great opportunity to earn 10% of points earned by your referrals. Kind of like what is currently offered by many traffic exchange sites and in my personal opinion a great option for any blogger who is looking to build their blog popularity.

Now, on Some Minuses of The System

Obviously I can speak on this program effectiveness as I have just started using it and still don’t know how well it will deliver on its promise but features offered keep me hoping. But as I use the system I found a few small things I wasn’t overly excited about.

  1. Code you have to place on your blog or site is rather large. Also would be nice if a widget was offered for WordPress blog or any other blog platforms or at least some form of javascript. On plus side they allow you to cache links on your own host that reduces load times of the page, which is great feature that somewhat offsets this minus.
  2. Rather small number of English sites to place your links on. But the numbers is growing on daily bases and rather fast so I don’t think it will be a problem too much longer. And if you are not planning to use advertising campaigns – it will not affect you in any way.

Other then 2 things above I really couldn’t find anything else however hard I searched. Granted that I’m not sure yet how well their points system will work in generating me income but with all the features offered and backed by manual review process of every accepted site I think this one might be a winner and I highly recommend you at least have a look. Make sure to get your 2k bonus points as I have outlined above.