Super Affiliate BloggerSuper Affiliate Blogger released by Gobala Krishnan managed to generate a few questions from my customers and subscribers and I decided to answer the questions and write a full Review on Super Affiliate Blogger.

In this article I want to share my personal view on what is good and what I have discovered to be a potential issue and you might have to watch out for and I also want to talk about what I personally think is the Greatest Feature of Super Affiliate Blogger product.

You might be surprised to learn what conclusions I came up with after reading, digesting and perhaps most importantly – Testing of the plugins that come with Super Affiliate Blogger product!

So, dig in and see what you will discover for yourself and make a decision if the product is right for you…

But before we even begin talking about the product I think it is important to understand the components included because my personal conclusion will heavily rely on your understanding why I came to it… so in the first part of review we will look at..

What Is Included Into Super Affiliate Blogger?

Gobala has separated products in its own distinctive modules based on functionality they present or information they provide.

Module 1: Super Affiliate Blogger Guide

217 pages eBook that is a unique blend of WordPress guide and Affiliate Marketing. Gobala takes approach that addresses 2 major issues – bloggers get to learn about Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Marketers get introduced to blogging.

Filled with tried and true information it can be a complete guide or a refresher course if you are not familiar with all the aspects required to be completed to blend the two nicely and to enjoy the profits. I think Super Affiliate Blogger Guide eBook could have easily stood on its own as a product but since Gobala have introduced a twist in form of other modules I will discuss those in details!

Module 2: Super Affiliate Pro WordPress Themes

As it states – a collection of professionally designed Niche themes fro WordPress to help you get started as soon as possible and create a look to the blog that is most appropriate for your specific niche. I will not be talking about this one too much as you simply have to see them for yourself

Module 3: Affiliate Link Tracking System for WordPress

Now we are getting to the core of what I personally thought was the Best Part of the product! A plugin for WordPress 2.5.* that allows you to integrate Affiliate Masking and cloaking into the blog Admin interface. It makes a process of including affiliate links into your blog so simple – I’ll be migrating All my own links to it, as I go alone.

Right now I use third party solution (script) for affiliate link masking and tracking but starting with this post – my affiliate links are on the plugin provided with SAB. It is a great time saver to have an easy access to that function from within your blog interface.

While it doesn’t have too many features – it has all the basics one would need: tracking, cloaking, custom name AND integration into Editor. See screenshot below:

cute links screenshot

Make No Mistake – while this plugin is not loaded with huge number of features – I personally think this one could have been a product on its own. From all the modules included in the product I found this one to be the Most Beneficial as it provides me with time savings.

Side Note: I have discovered on one of my blogs used for testing that when Permalinks url and one of the custom links specified in Cute Links have same first word – it defaulted to the permalink URL. For example (cute link) would default to Changing custom link fixes the issue but make sure to test your links – ALWAYS!

Module 4: Opt-In List Building System for WordPress

Second plugin included with the Super Affiliate Blogger it also addresses one of the problems encountered by many bloggers – Opt-In form inclusion. I can attest to it as I had to answer quite a few support requests with my customers advising them HOW to add the Subscribe form to Sidebar without breaking the blog layout.

If you know how to work with CSS and HTML this one might not be needed fro you but simplicity it provides can be a HUGE time saver and head ache remover from great many bloggers. Adding a subscription form is as easy as Creating a new form and providing all the necessary details, see image below

optin form manager

And then simply adding a New Widget to Sidebar location most appropriate for your blog.


As I have mentioned – if you know how to work with HTML – you will not need this plugin but if you treasure your time or simply want the simplicity – this one is a great tool and time saver!

Module 5: Super Affiliate Blueprint Handbook

This one as it states – blueprint that outlines what needs to be done n order to benefit the guide to its fullest. Honestly I have only glanced at it as I always tend to rely on my own schedule and designations of what is important and what is not.

7 Days Work Plan provided by this blueprint should force you to actually have a blog ready for affiliate income and earning. I like the way tasks have been outlined but as mentioned before – rely on my own pace…

There are also Bonuses, Support, One Way links and some other goodies included with the system but in my personal opinion…


2 Plugins I have described above and the eBook itself make this product a great value if you are not versed in both aspects outlined in it or simply want to save time through the use of plugins that provide access to some very crucial functions of affiliate marketing from within your WordPress Admin interface.

I’m a strong believer that blogging and affiliate marketing are two aspects of online business that not only beneficial to each other but should be blended anytime there is an opportunity. Nothing is more effective right now then this blend simply because it allows you to take advantage of the best of two worlds while still keeping your transparency and integrity in tact! Super Affiliate Blogger will teach you how to get this blend cooking!

Discount: During the initial launch week Gobala is selling this product with a $30 discount so if you are interested – grab the Super Affiliate Blogger now.