I was one of the few who got lucky and managed to get my DVD and magazine when Stomping The Search Engines 2 launched a few month back! I can’t praise it highly enough for the amount of educational material it provides.


Granted they had some issues with fulfillment but it appears to be all addressed now! Better yet – STSE2 went digital! Not 100% but it is a default option now and you can begin watching the entire training instantly after paying just $1!

I know…  Crazy!

that is what I thought! I mean when I shelled out for my DVD delivery a while back I thought it was a “steal” but now you have chance to grab it for even cheaper!

On plus side – if you choose to, you can still get the Hard Copy (DVD and Magazine) delivered to you by simply choosing that option and paying your Shipping Fee. Still a great deal and one I recommend! Not that I doubt the guys but hey… who knows, right ? 😈

Either way, after owning the DVD set I can tell you with 100% certainty – it is something you simply MUST have if you seriously interested to learn how to get your site or blog ready for whatever else Google might through at you and still retain your high ranking in search results.

Grab Your Copy Of StomperNet 2 for Just $1 By Clicking here