As someone who has fingers in both Internet Marketing and Blogging I pay close attention to products released and especially when it is something that I’m personally interested in and use. Kim Standerline has recently made her eBook “Insider Secrets To Running Your Own Membership Site” available as a stand alone product for only $37.

Why do I say ONLY with such a light heart? Well, read on to find out …

membership_secrets_ebook.gifI have known and worked with Kim for a last few months and gained a deep respect to her as a person and a marketer. Kim is one of those rare people who actually enjoys her full time job as a nurse and does marketing online as a part time venture. For someone with part time work she has some amazing results and something many of us strive for and she has a following that would impress many gurus.

Secret to her success are several membership sites that generate her monthly reoccurring income.

But how does a nurse with a full time job manages to run several income generating membership sites and still have time for a family? And mind you – her sites provide a true quality to the members not some junk downloaded elsewhere… Now, that is a question, answer to which is worth several thousand dollars a month!

I hope you see what I’m getting to…

Insider Secrets to Running Your Own Membership Site” eBook is power packed with strategies and information that covers ALL the basics you need to know to repeat her success. I know I’m already working on it and if this is your cup of tea, you should have a look at her eBook.

Her guide is based on what she personally learned and strategies she personally uses to run and manage several premium membership sites. This is not an eBook created by someone who simply researched the information and then presented it to you in a nice format but a “nitty gritty” of the business coming from a person who does it on daily bases. Who would you rather learn from?

See what is covered …


This eBook is packed with info you can use to start running your own membership site, if so inclined.

Super Tip: Inside eBook Kim makes a special offer not available anywhere else that is in itself well worth the price of eBook! I will not go into details too much but let’s just say that if you considered membership sites business model and simply don’t know where to start and couldn’t afford the tools you need – she’s got it covered!

And for the price this eBook is offered it is a really great resource I can recommend.