011_008.gifOne Way Links from sites with High Page Rank can give your blog or site a HUGE boost, especially if they link using your chosen keywords.

Statement above is a simple fact. Same as this one: getting one way links from sites with high PR is extremely difficult and for many competitive niches nearly impossible. Or Is It?

I have just finished evaluation and testing of a product that guarantees to teach you How To Get One Way Links From High Page Rank Sites, while spending no more then 30 minutes on the task. Are you up to the challenge? Then dive in and see my personal results…

Before I even begin to talk about the product I want to share some results of my personal test:

30 Minutes Backlinks Results:

  • Number of confirmed one way backlinks from high PR sites: 48
  • Time spent working through initial tutorials: 2.5 hours
  • Time spent “duplicating” process: 30-40 minutes

Few things I have to mention here…

  1. Even if I stop using the process the number of links will continue to increase due to the nature of the process used. Just from the work I have already put in I fully expect at least 200 incoming links, some of them simply didn’t get in yet and I didn’t want to wait with announcement. I know it because I have submitted to at least 250 different sites and if previous accept rates are any indication – it will give me at least 200 links from first tier submission.
  2. Links are not coming directly from home page of the sites that have high PR but rather from a new inner page, which will get its own rank a bit later – a trickle effect that always happen.
  3. 99% of the incoming links have my chosen keywords in anchor tag with full PR juice being passed onto it Cool

Do I have your attention yet?

Good! Because now I will actually talk about How I managed to get those links…

Last week I have purchase a product from Michelle MacPhearson “30 Minute Backlinks“, which promised me that I will be able to easily accomplish the results I have shared with your above. Since you have seen the results I don’t think I need to mention that it works Laughing but rather concentrate on..

How Easy It Is To Accomplish Those Results?

  • What Is The Product: A collection of video tutorials (Camtasia screen capture) that guides you step-by-step how to create several unique pieces of software and submit it to multiple online software directories.
  • Technical Knowledge Level Needed: None. I know I’m a technical person and this statement might seem like an overboard but really – you don’t need to know anything about programing or anything else. If you can use browser, click and fill appropriate fields using video tutorials provided – you can accomplish the task.
  • Any Additional Requirements: Once again nothing else is required. Many products teach you how to use commercial tools that you also have to purchase but 30 Minute Backlinks teaches you how to use FREE tools to get things done and then duplicate your results. She does provide some recommendations for advanced usage but it is an absolutely optional and I haven’t touched it.
  • My Rating: 011_025.gif … there, that image should convey my rating Wink. For my money this is a well worth the investment.

What Are The Minuses?

While this is not exactly a minus to the product but more of an ignored opportunity I feel I need to share…

Michelle concentrates purely on creating software fast and getting it submitted to get the backlinks to your site or blog. It works as designed and provides results she promises, so no minus there. But as a Niche blogger I have found at least 2 of the software pieces created in process to be of a lot higher value then simply used for backlink.

That was the main reason I have spent 2.5 hours on first day… I personally have seen an opportunity to get more RSS subscribers, spread my blog and basically tweak 2 pieces of the soft created using Michelle’s video tutorial to BOOST their value. As a blogger I’m sure you will recognize what I’m talking about once you start following the guidelines, believe me – you can’t overlook it as it is very obvious and I think Michelle didn’t concentrate on it simply for one reason – simplicity of the initial product.

Her sales page is not very long (in fact it is perhaps the shortest one I have seen) but in my personal opinion this is the best $100 I personally spent to get One Way Links to my blog with my keywords included as anchor. While complete benefits will be seen only after next Google PR update – authority status of my inner pages should begin to increase due to this effort pretty soon, which in turn translates in better Google Search Results Position and FREE Traffic!

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