EasySellerPro was launched yesterday by Kim Standerline and perhaps was missed by many in the noise of many other product launches that currently happen. And yet I personally think that this one can be of direct interest to many Niche Marketers, bloggers and anyone who is trying to sell digital products online.

EasySellerPro Review post is here to help you have a more in depth look at the script and what exactly you can expect from it, perhaps even decide if the script fits your own online marketing needs or not.

What Is EasySellerPro?

In a nutshell EasySellerPro is a shopping cart script that is made extremely simple to setup and use. It is designed to help non-technical people create Online Shopping Portal and sell their digital products. While it goes against many competitors – its simplicity of setup and usage makes it stand shoulders above competition.

To help you understand what you can do with EasySellerPro I provide a set of videos, created by its authors:

Now that you have a better understanding of what you can actually do with EasySellerPro, I think its time to discuss some of its most notable benefits.

EasySellerPro In Detail

Installation: One of the main benefits od the script its simplicity. I have said it before and I will repeat it again. You can install the script on your hosting account in minutes, even if you have no technical knowledge. You get access to video training that will guide you through entire process!

Configuration: Once again – simplicity shines through and entire configuration process is quite painless. You simply add your categories, products and get ready to sell. Navigation of the script is very intuitive and will help you overcome the learning curve, see image below;

Usage: While this is obviously up to you how you will use the script I think it will be most fitting for people who have multiple products within same niche (such as all MRR, PLR info products you have collecting digital dust on your hard drive) or even within multiple niches.

Script comes with unlimited domain installation license which I personally like. You have the ability to use it as many times as you need to without paying extra fees we see often imposed by other shopping cart scripts.


As with anything, this script is Not For Everyone! I know that sales letter of the EasySellerPro is very compelling but before you make a jump I recommend you think about one thing:

  • How Does It Fits my current business model?

If you can seamlessly integrate the features this script provides into your current efforts or perhaps have plans for near feature for selling digital products – this shopping cart will offer you the advantage and simplicity you need. Otherwise, perhaps you should simply wait.

And if you have decide you are ready to purchase, here is your chance: