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Cartoon Nation Review

Cartoon Nation guide was released and I just want you to see the video I created in about 2 hours using steps provided before you read the review:

Click Here To Access Cartoon Nation

Cartoon Nation Review

When I first seen it – I just thought “Blah, blah… another info product” but reality is – it is an excellent tutorials.

Video you see above was created in less than 2 hours using steps provided within video tutorials that come with the product and considering that I’m not much of a video producer – I think its quite good.

So what is Cartoon Nation?

Cartoon Nation cover

When you purchase it – you get to access PDF guide that describes some basics of why it was created and provides information on success achieved by author using strategy described. Quite impressive but its not the main product.

At the end of the document you get link to access Video Training that runs for about 47+ minutes and walks you step-by-step on properly doing exactly same video you see on this post.


Steven covers every aspect of getting things done quickly and efficiently event if you as poor video producer as I’m.

Does it work?

It worked for me and this post is a testament to that.

Cartoon Network Minuses

There are couple things you need to know:

  1. To be able to do what is described in tutorial – you have to upgrade your account on GoAnimate, which is cheap if you go with 3 month or limit all your scenes to 4 seconds.
  2. It requires a Camtasia or similar software to be able to add voice over. Although, I think (haven’t tried personally) – you can add ALL voice overs via the editor provided with GoAnimate. There are options to add audio. I simply followed the guide since I have all required software.
    Update: I have just confirmed that instead of using Camtasia – you can upload your voice part to the editor and it works, just have to make shorter audio segments to avoid timing issues.  Here is one I was able to create – only took 3 extra minutes

Is it worth it?

200% in my opinion. One of the best info products I have seen lately and if you haven’t been able to succeed with Video Marketing – I recommend you give it another shot.

Click Here To Access Cartoon Nation

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24 Responses to “Cartoon Nation Review”

  1. Vance Miller says:

    Cool cartoon interaction. I have tried some video marketing but the results are less then phenomenal so I will take a look at this video product.

    • TheSpotter says:

      Vance, I usually use videos for links building more than anything, but with this one – am willing to try new things 🙂

  2. trudy says:

    I am so used to using places like that I never have really tried cartoon shorts before. I guess its time for me to jump in and see what the water is like! Thanks for the push.

  3. Danella says:

    hi Alex,

    That’s my first introduction to Video cartoon marketing. I love it!!
    Particularly noticed the little “cartoon character” was in time with the words he was speaking.
    Usually those type of cartoons the words are out of “kilter” with the actuall mouth movements. Not so in this cartoon.
    Makes it so much more real and viable.

    will really have to have a go at this type of video. Thanks so muvh Alex.

  4. Hello Alex,

    This Cartoon Video Marketing is absolutely great and
    the video that you created is marvelous.
    I will surely give this some serious thought.


    • TheSpotter says:

      Thanks Maurice,

      It is a fairly simple to create, guide is really god 🙂 While you can probably accomplish similar on your own – this one definitely will save you hours!

  5. Ioan says:

    Cool video Alex…it’s an interesting view of powerful video marketing it’s trendy I guess

  6. Hey Alex, what a review!

    I am so glad you found this product useful and you’ve shown it works, what better endorsement can you get. Loved the cartoon voice as well.

    You can add the voiceover directly into GoAnimate, just a little more work which is why I didn’t really mention it. You can also add it in Camtasia, whatever works though is great.

    Thanks again for the great review Alex.


  7. Tom Mannis says:

    This is great. I love the cartoon guy (he made me smile) and your voiceover is good. (Did you do the voice for the little guy?) I can see the value of this as a marketing tool for selling, but it also offers a fun way to brand a website or blog. Very cool indeed.

  8. Chuck says:

    What a great way to make a video! This sets your video apart from the standard screecast which can give your video extra attention because it is being different. The voice over is also good, and you did a fine job for your first attempt!

  9. Lola says:

    Sounds interesting… I’ve never thought about cartoons to make my videos. But why not. As long as it looks professionnal… Gonna give it a try. thanks for sharing.

  10. John says:

    Hey that was really nice on your first attempt. Even now I wish for using such animations for the advertisements of my company. Animations are loved not only by kids but also by adults. And it immediately attracts attraction. Is it easy to use?

  11. Suzanne says:

    What a perfect way for me to start adding video content to my blog and not have to get infront of the camera (which I hate!).


  12. Tushar says:

    The software is great ad writing review about new thing is always great thing. I want to ask that is writing paid review is good or not?


  1. Quora says:

    My first cartoon – what you think?…

    Cartoon Nation guide was released and I just want you to see the video I created in about 2 hours using steps provided before you read the review

  2. RT @thespotter: Great, inventive review of Cartoon Nation Review