With a huge number of PPC opportunities available and with Google leading the pack why would you care about BidVertiser? Actually there is a very good reason as what their service has to offer is quite a bit different and has some distinct features that are particularly nice for bloggers.

In this review I want to introduce the service to your and provide some points on what makes BidVertiser different and why should you care …

BidVertiser Services Overview

  • Earn Highest Possible Amount From Every Click. This is one feature that sets BidVertiser apart from the others and makes it worth closer look. Unlike Google or Yahoo to get an ad displayed on your blog – advertiser MUST have highest bid to occupy the precious ads real estate. This ensures that you get paid maximum available amount for each click.
  • Ad banners variety and flexibility. BidVertiser provides you with all the standard sizes for ads to be displayed on your blog but here is something from my personal experience (yes, I use the service on one of my sites 🙂 ) – you can create Ad Banner with your own dimensions. This comes very handy when you need to ensure that Ad banner occupies maximum allowed space and provides highest click through and addresses an issue with non-standard sizes of some blog templates. Give advertisers a reason to display ads on your blog – provide them with maximum available exposure.
  • Control you advertisements and track performance. BidVertiser allows you to block unwanted ads from being displayed on your blog, which is very important feature in my opinion. While we all would like to earn – quality of offerings and protection of integrity of the blog should still be the primary goal. If a specific ad doesn’t fit your blog vision – block it. You can also easily generate performance statistics to see number of page impressions, clicks, click-through rate and your total earnings.
  • Pay Outs as low as $10. Yes, you don’t have sit and wait for your paycheck anymore. With one of the lowest payouts BidVertiser provides another great reason for consideration to use their service. As long as you have PayPal account – you money delivered fast and on time.

Summary: All in all I personally think BidVertiser is most definitely earned a place on your blog by providing a set of features unmatched by other services and through ensuring that you get paid maximum amount for each click generated. Low payout amounts and ability to highly target a specific visitors ensures that you will actually earn those clicks.

Disclaimer: This is a paid for review but it was written based on personal experience with BidVertiser. I fully comply with disclosure but have no intentions to compromise my blog integrity and will only provide reviews for services I believe will help my readers. If you are an advertiser and would like to see next review about your service – click Hire Me button.