I find it absolutely amazing how some well known Internet Marketers talk about integrity, business, etc and yet, when it comes to the basics – operate on the principals of “take money and run”. Lack of basic support is absolutely amazing and simply shows to me that once you are rolled into whatever profile they expect – you turn into this..


Yeah… buddy! You have been milked and your actions were recorded, analyzed and will be turned into next Latest And Greatest Product that will “surely show you How You Can do Same”!

And perhaps it is not even the fault of the marketer behind the entire process, although he is responcible for hiring a very poor support stuff and as such their action reflect badly on his reputation. This entire post was prompted by my recent experience with affiliate program of the one, very well known internet marketer. It is nothing more then rant but a rant prompted by a question:

Who Is To Blame? The Marketer Or His Support Stuff?

Situation is very simple …

A while back I have posted on this blog about a free report. Many people downloaded and some became customers of the marketer who created it. As result I got some commissions. Not much, just a bit above $400, but hey – 400 bucks is 400 bucks… And I’m not rich enough to simply ignore the cash.

So I have played by the rules, provided all the info, filled and faxed the w2 form when requested and fully expected to get paid. Rather simple process – you earn money, you get paid, right?


At first in the beginning of this year my stats became partially unavailable. Unfortunately from Affiliate Dashboard there was no way to contact support so I had spend some time locating helpdesk, submitting ticket and then… been ignored!

So I go through the process and locate some emails for the marketer as well as one of his stuff who is supposed to run the support operation. About a week later I finally get email! It took them nearly a week to simply read the email and reply, then another week or so to address the issue and tell me that I’ll get paid next month.

Now, that was nearly 2 month ago and now my ledger shows 200+ were paid to me..

Problem is – I never Got Any Money!?

So, once again I go through the process of locating his helpdesk, submitting a ticket and fully expect to be ignored for a while, perhaps even until I again contact the support manager.

Rather sad to see when a well-known marketer has a support that goes beyond being piss-poor and bordering on complete neglect. I do know one thing – I will think and think before I do ANY promotion for that marketer. If his support for affiliates is so poor – I’m afraid to ask how his customers are treated… After all couple of my customers have purchased his program and even though I never promoted anything but free report I still feel responcible.

I guess I can only hope that customers are treated better then affiliates. I can survive without $400+ in commissions they owe me but I think if my experience if any indicator – he is not using his own teachings and treats his affiliates rather poorly and all I got left to say is ..


… and learn from experience.