Many businesses in many different industries are struggling due to the current state of the unforgiving economy. A number of franchise chains have downsized by eliminating their number of locations, while several smaller companies have been forced out of business entirely. Whether the financial woes are because of the economy or other reasons, increasing sales is often the solution to solving them. If your business is struggling to generate sales, free email marketing could be the answer.

Made to Improve

Even some of the most successful businesses hit a rough spot every now and then. When the chips are down, you must be able to investigate the matter and find out exactly where you are struggling. A free email marketing solution can allow you to do just that. For example, if your reports show that your open rate is below your personal benchmark, this would indicate that recipients are not even seeing your message and adjustments are needed. In this case, you may need to scale back on frequency or tweak your subject lines. Free email marketing can provide the reporting tools that highlight your strengths, but more importantly, uncover the areas that need improving.

Everything to Make it Happen

Email marketing can be a perfect vehicle for any business of any size. Why? Because it is diverse and flexible enough to accommodate just about any need. An advertising agency could use it to stay in touch with their clients through a monthly newsletter. An online retailer might use it to keep customers spending with weekly deals. If you host a lot of events, you can use it to promote all the shows you have on the schedule. Even with free email marketing, you can accomplish some of your most important marketing goals thanks to features such as ready-made templates, autoresponders, and social sharing buttons.

Free Means No Fee

Marketing is vital for the growth and survival of any business, but these days, it can be a burden of an expense. Take direct mail marketing, for example. Though it similar to email in terms of approach and delivery, it is much more expensive to conduct. The cost of printing and postage alone makes this traditional method cost prohibitive for many businesses. Email marketing is generally affordable, but if you are having a tough time converting, it can be a costly burden just the same. It just doesn’t get any better than free, so by spending less overall, a free service will enable you to not only boost sales, but actually see an increase in revenue, which is most important.

Snagging the Best Free Email Marketing

The offering of free email marketing is becoming a very popular trend among service providers. It is getting much easier to find, but be warned that not all offerings are created equal. The free option that isn’t worth the space it takes up on the screen could be just as bad as the one you had to blow money on when factoring in your time and effort. Outline your needs, devote a little time, and set out to uncover the best free email marketing you can find.

Guest Post By: Francis Santos is based in the LA area and an up and coming writer for Benchmark Email, an email marketing company with a free email marketing option. In addition, Francis is an editor for other popular news blogs.