xsiteproI’ve been using both WordPress and XSitePro for a long while now and have come to love both a applications for various reasons. However, in the last year I’ve really fallen in love with XSitePro because of the following reasons …

It’s fast

I can build a new 5 page website in as little as 30 minutes with the software. Granted, I will need to have my content already written and lined up, but thanks to the software’s multi-page creation feature I can launch a new Adsense or affiliate site in less than one hour.

While WordPress is relatively fast to work with it does take me longer to build and launch a new site, even with the content already written, because I have to change/activate permalinks, plugins, widgets, set up options and more.

It’s got great inbuilt SEO tools

The inbuilt SEO rating of XSitePro lets me see within seconds whether my site is built with the correct search engine optimization score. WordPress can be optimized for SEO as well with the help of plugins and the right permalink structure, but it takes longer.

Inserting ads and codes is easy

If you want to insert, or change code in your XSitePro site it’s easy easy as to use the inbuilt features. It virtually takes seconds to ad a new Adsense ad to your pages site wide, or change the channel. The same applies to other code such as a adding an exit splash code, tracking stats, and more. With WordPress you have to either use a plugin, or go directly to your site’s editor and hack the code, depending on the theme you use.

Publishing is easy and fast

With XSitePro I can publish a site directly from within the software itself, there is no need to use an external FTP software, or go into the server itself. Except for adding an addon domain of course.

Backups are easy

I’ve been immensely grateful to the ease of which I can backup my entire XSitePro collection of sites when I lost my PC to a nasty bug last year. Luckily I had the entire database backed up to a thumb drive. When I got the PC fixed I re-installed the software to the machine with a few clicks, it took less then 2 minutes!

WordPress offers an increasing array of backup solutions these days. If you use software like BackupBuddy it is relatively easy to do a backup and re-install, however, you still have to visit all of your sites individually to keep them backed up, unless you use MU.

Great features to boost the performance

XSitePro offers an increasing range of extra features to help with performance. Granted, WordPress does this as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love both software for their very own strength, but overall I tend to use XSitePro more and more because most of my sites built on the software rank very high on Google (some of them are in VERY competitive markets).

When to use XSitePro and when to use WordPress

That’s entirely up to you. I’ve heard people say that XsitePro is great for fast sites, while WP is best for authority sites. But after ranking a few authority sites in relative competitive markets on XSitePro I tend to go with both, regardless. These days I choose XSitePro more and more because it is a huge time saver for me and because I’m still seeing the results I want, why should I not?

Possible downsides to users

One of the negatives of XSitePro is the cost. Not everyone can afford the software, especially when they start out with no money to spare. However, my personal belief has always been that in order to make money you first have to spend some.

WordPress out of the box is free. Yes you can spend money for plugins and themes, but you don’t have to.

Tell me, do you use XSitePro and if so, what do you make of the software?