mentor1As my business develops, my experience grows and my needs change – I find myself looking for new insights, new information and new way to improve. I do however find myself often in one very simple predicament – Denial Of Authority.

You see, it is widely accepted that most effective way to master a skill, learn strategy or develop something new is to get yourself a Mentor! Mentor who can guide you through the murky waters of unknown to achieve your goals faster, more effectively and in short possible time frame. It will set you back financially at first but if your choice of mentor was correct – you can quickly recover it.

But it also implies that you trust that person unquestionably when it comes to certain matter of your business and willing to act As You Were Told. Not only because they know better but also because this is part of what you are paying for!

Which brings upfront my predicament – I simply can’t accept ANYTHING without questioning, analyzing and taking apart. My life has led me through multitude of experience and what I have learned “unquestionably” is that the only person I can trust without question is myself and same goes for any failure or success.

It is not the best place to be in but when you are pushing 40, it is not something that can be easily changed and I prefer not to make same mistakes twice, so I had to adopt!

I had to find a way to learn what I need while still maintaining my sanity and my personal views on life, on business and on many other things alone the way. It is not the easiest way to learn and if you have an opportunity to avoid it – I highly recommend it as it will definitely extend your road to success if not completely derail you!

My strategies are simple – I “stock” the people I chose to learn from to see what they are doing, attempt to understand why they are doing it and reverse engineer their process. Sometimes I just outright purchase what I need, if available in form of info product  😎 That is about as far as I go in taking shortcuts!

Not the simplest road, as you can imagine but one that fits my personality very well.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in US and the reason behind this post is simple:

I Want To Thank My “Unsuspecting” Mentors!

  • jimmy-d-brownJimmy D. Brown for his HUGE contribution and influence on my email marketing education and introduction to the “ethical email marketing”. His email marketing membership, which I don’t think is available anymore was an eye opener for me and led me to my first successful campaign.
  • mark-hendricksMark Hendricks for his insights and ability to ask the questions that guided me to better understanding of what I’m doing and where I’m going and contributed to great improvements in my products. List building and continuation of learning concepts that Jimmy first introduced me to was direct result of Mark’s ongoing emails and participation in his 12 Days Of Christmas giveaways.
  • JackHumphreyJack Humphrey and his Authority Black Book is what turned me to blogging and I never looked back. Whether Jack likes it or not – I consider myself one of his students and will be forever grateful to him for introducing me to the world of blogging!
  • Ken-mcarthurKen McArthur for his HUGE heart and his ability to make you feel part of the success and a family! JV Alert Live is one of the few events I think every Internet entrepreneur must attend to experience the impact Ken and his friends can have on your life!
  • michelfortinsmallMichele Fortin and his copywriting tips are a never-ending inspiration for both my ongoing blogging, my efforts to improve conversions and also to some extend my email marketing. I’ve settled with idea that I will not become a “copywriter for hire” but it doesn’t stop me from working on improving my ongoing marketing efforts.
  • NicheProf_June_06b_150_202Dr. Ron Capps and his strategies on social interaction and marketing had a big and profound impact on how I do things on social networks. I might not reach the skill shared by master but grateful for a chance to learn!
  • brad-callen-largeBrad Callen for his introduction of Search Engine Optimization to yours truly. Granted I have learned a lot more since the time I picked up his first eBook from StomperNet and a few other resources – his direct impact to my success was unquestionably most important – it gave me understanding of SEO!
  • ken_evoyKen Evoy for really a multitude of the things I have learned from him but one, perhaps most important of them – allowing me to logically sort out all the knowledge I already had about web mastering and gain more details, I haven’t even thought of! While I have never personally purchased his Site Sell product, I have learned from eBooks I purchased and consider his services as some of the best that web has to offer!
  • Douglas-Champigny_253768Doug Champigny for his marketing insights and never-failing friendship! Doug is one of the people who not only knows what he is doing but also has ability to allow you to see what you are not doing and should be! Knowledge Doug has shared with me through our communications can never be calculated in monetary value and I’m thankful to have a friend and a mentor like Doug!

There are many more people and organizations who could be added to this list, like the four percent group review and so many others, I’m incredibly thankful to everyone I’ve met who shared something with me, taught me or just pushed me in the right direction – be it willingly or by accident but today I simply want to highlight those who had most profound impact on me and my Internet Success!

Thank You And Welcome To “Unsuspecting” Mentor Club!

Do you have a story to share? Someone to be thankful to?

Share it with us!

Let’s highlight those who deserve recognition!