This is a guest post by Stacey Cavanagh. Stacey is from the UK and works in online marketing for Tecmark: SEO London

Earning from your blog will always depend on getting people to that blog and then getting those people to take the action required – whether that is to click on an affiliate link or an ad or something else completely. But it all starts with generating traffic. So where you can market your blog online for free?


At one point, Technorati was pretty much the only decent blog search engine, of sorts. Of course we now have the comprehensive Google Blog Search, but remains an excellent blog directory and one you should definitely be listed in.


How could we mention traffic generation for blogs without talking Twitter? The micro-blogging platform has huge traffic generation potential for bloggers. However, it’s not all about just registering and posting links. You need followers and you will only get those by posting relevant material, by networking with people in similar areas and with similar niches and by learning about the platform. Don’t assume you can just register and paste links. You should really take time to see what other people in a similar niche are doing on Twitter and begin to network.

On Blogs Belonging to Others

Guest posting! This is a great way not only to get some of you written material exposed to a different audience, but also to drive traffic to your own site. Guest posting isn’t as simple as just sending any old article through to a blogger though. Successful guest posting comes from learning more about your target blog. Read it! Read the comments from the other readers to get an idea of the material they are interested in reading and write up a UNIQUE article tailored just to that blog. Why should a blogger run your material if you cannot be bothered to spend the time making sure it’s relevant?

Getting this right is a great way of driving traffic and again of networking with other bloggers in a similar area.

These are just three ways of almost countless means of marketing a blog online. Social Media is hugely important in traffic generation to blogs now. But generating traffic is only the beginning. There’s little point in getting traffic if the content on your blog isn’t of a high enough quality to keep them coming back! So, before you begin marketing, it’s worth making sure that everything on your blog is in exactly the shape you want it to be and offers something of quality to your readers.