When it present you with quality of the offerings. As simple as that and yet, so easily forgotten. As someone whose name received some visibility due to a Giveaway I run in the beginning of this year I can tell you first hand how hard it is to get quality partners to give away quality products.

And yet, it does happen. Not too often and with the rush of recent number of events offering you last year’s products that never had any value even then Giveaway beginning to receive a bad name even in rather forgiving Internet Marketing community. And what I’m about to share with you represent quality I can easily recommend to you with clear consciousness.

Jason James is a man who made his name and rocketed into IM stardom due to his excellent networking skills and ability to secure high visibility partners whose name reads like Internet Marketing Wall Of Fame. Releasing great products supported by these partners was only second part of success. Anyone in IM field will tell you that success defined not by What you know but by Who you know. And Jason knows some very high profile marketers.

Why am I telling you all this? Because in a twist of events Jason decided to make his mark in IM Giveaways playing field. Surprisingly enough I was invited to be a part of the event and with my gift accepted I’m obviously interested to share with you details. My brand new eBook is offered for the very first time on his event but quite frankly I’m a bit afraid it is going to be lost under the noise generated over superb quality of products presented by his partners.

Products that were never available before or available ONLY after payment. So we are not talking about some useless ruble of digital crap but some serious quality presented by people whose names you have surely heard if you participate in IM. Here are just some names: Ted Turner, Joel Osborne, Mark Sandquist, Jim Miller, Ian del Carmen, Sharlene Raven, Bob Bastian, Edmund Loh, Robert Puddy, Mike Steup, Mike Mazzella … just to name a few …

And believe me, there are many more and I’m already downloading some awesome products and highly recommend you join me. Click below to get started.