When something simply given to us it is just too often perceived as not worth much, or at least not as much as some paid products on similar topic. And while in many cases it is true – I want to dispel this myth by providing you with resources you can simply download.

And not just any resources but eBooks I personally use anytime I need answer or a reference – go to the source so to speak! eBooks that cover multiple subjects every webmaster or blogger and Internet Marketer simply MUST have in their library…

But before I will provide you with the download inks I want to make sure you understand that while I consider these resources absolutely required reading – some are slightly dated. You will get all your bases covered but when it talks about specific technologies – be sure you are aware that it might be a bit out of date.

Make Your Content PREsell!

make your content presellAn absolutely awesome eBook I paid $10 for about 2 years ago and now available at no cost. I find this one to be a MUST read any time you are in doubt what and how you need to write. And while I have to admit that I have stopped following every single guideline outlined in it lately – I used to refer to it nearly every time I wrote an important promotional piece.

It is a priceless resource for ANY blogger or webmaster as it will explain to you how to avoid falling into a a hole so common for affiliate marketers. And even though it is a free resource right now – I still haven’t found any other that explains the basics as well as this one. Ken Evoy really did a great job of explaining how to write content on your site or blog to ensure your visitors will be greatful for the affiliate recommendations you make.

Click image or link in this sentence to download Make Your Content PREsell!

And while I’m on subject of Ken Evoy’s writing to help you with your blog – I want to recommend another one of his (used to be $29.95) free eBooks – Make Your Site Sell. This one is a bit dated but when it comes to explaining your site (or blog) usability vs other factors – it is one of the best!

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

search engine optimization made easyThis free eBook should truly become your SEO bible and will teach you everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization. Written by Brad Callen, gentleman behind all time best selling software for SEO – SEOElite and Keywords Elite it will guide you through every step you need to take to ensure good ranking.

Better yet, it will actually explain WHY you need to take those steps so you could evaluate if this really necessary in your particular situation or not. While there are many courses and guides that were made available for the topic of Search Engine Optimization – this free eBook has it covered.

Click the image or link in this sentence to download Search Engine Optimization Made Easy.

Authority Black Book

authority black bookDirectly related to blogging this eBook by Jack Humphrey will teach you tips and strategies for promoting your blog like no other Paid Course. And I know – lately some very high priced blogging courses started to appear. I guess everyone is excited to cash in on popular trend.

Truth to be told – this guide got you covered from every angle and will teach you about blog promotion more then any Paid Blogging Course! Get it and use it before your competition does and enjoy the traffic flow like you never seen before!

Click the image or link in this sentence to download your Authority Black Book!

Those should cover what you need to know about working with your blog or site and creating content that will PREsell, be Search Engine Optimized and promote it using Social Marketing method described by Jack Humphrey.

But I’m also a strong believer that blogging and Internet Marketing go hand in hand and not only mutually inclusive but also beneficial to each other like no other methods! In fact I think of blogging and Internet Marketing as blend where one can’t exist without the other!

And while I don’t have a free resource to cover many aspects of what is known as Internet Marketing as it is simply HUGE – I do have couple guides that are worth its weight in gold and yet, FREE!

Stuff Your Inbox With Cash

inbox cashLearn what email marketing is and what it isn’t. One of the best marketers in email marketing shares his secrets and actually goes beyond that.

He walks you step by step to proper email marketing, how to create an email that addresses every type of reader and pulls results that you can feel in your pocket. And no – it doesn’t include any dirty tricks or lies. It simply coveys the psychology of most common types of readers and how to pull their triggers.

Click the image to download eBook.

Make Your Words Sell

make your words sellOne of the most effective and easy to follow eBooks that uncovers the art of e-Persuasion and teaches ANYONE to become a copywriter. Yeah, right …

Sounds weird, I know and someone who paid top dollar to copywriters before I know exactly how unreal it sounds and yet, as I read the eBook – it all makes sense. And it also shows to me exactly WHY the expensive copy written for me by a supposed Professional Copywriter fails miserably!

I have been literally devouring this eBook for last 2 nights and my notepad is full of notes as I’m getting ready to do what my overly paid professional copywriter failed to accomplish – convince the visitors to my product sales page that what I have to offer is exactly what they need! How well will I do – I don’t know…

Perhaps I will fail but I believe right now that I have what it takes (outside of proper grammar, which will require correction) to create a convincing letter. This is the power of the eBook and you can download it by clicking on image above!

Obviously these resources don’t cover every aspect of what you need to know but I wanted to share what I think is best of the breed and what I reference and use in my daily tasks. Enjoy and your comments as always greatly appreciated!

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