My partner ad I have worked hard to create something entirely new and make it available as an option to Expert WordPress customers.

September 7th is a date it will be finally made available and revealed. We don’t plan any major launch but simply introduce new tool to already paying customers and make it an option to new members.

While I will not go into too many details right now – I can say that it will be most budget conscious offer you will ever see, considering that we have spent a few hundred dollars and quite a few hours developing and testing the tool. Blogging with WordPress will never be the same!

But just because I was busy working on this “rolling launch” doesn’t mean I don’t read other people blog posts and here are a few I found to be of interest!

Posts with the Most!

  • Unusual way to generate leads… by Jack Humphrey is a great tip on how to find new leads. A video post that shares an idea I haven’t personally heard before and opens new horizons for some niches 🙂
  • The Myth of ‘Great Content’ Marketing Itself by Darren Rowse is a great reminder o the importance of balanced promotion of your blog posts. No matter how great you are – people need to learn it and you have to help them!
  • I Think Launches SUCK! by Liz Tomey struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it because I think it truly applies for many of the “smaller guys” like myself who doesn’t have big partners to promote product, no matter how great it is, as I was told repeatedly.
  • Want A Sticky Site? Forget Content! post by Michel Fortin discusses the differences between copywriting and content creation and perhaps will make you re-think your personal writing style. Great post as any others on his blog!
  • 6-Step Advanced Info Product Creation Formula post by my good friend and marketing genius  Doug Champigny talks about EXACT steps you need to take to create a successful info product. Doug also has a superb, action and freebies packed eZine, don’t forget to subscribe!

If you haven;t noticed – my reading this week concentrated around what is on my own mind but I promise you – those posts are well worth the time to read them! What is even better – each one of the people writing them has email newsletter – I don’t subscribe to too many newsletters but those I actually keep in separate labels as they can be used as blueprint for your own success!

Take the best from those you personally like and respect and your own blog will become better because of it!