Biggest Firesale is going to be launched on November 18 and organized by my good friend Vince Tan it features over 100 very well known names in Internet marketing. While not participating was an option – it was a bad one in my opinion and I have decided to go all out and contribute a product that should help me stand out from the crowd – God knows it will be hard!

I’m contributing Web 2.0 Wealth product to the customers Of Biggest Firesale! That’s right – $97 of real world value will be sold for pennies alone with contribution from other guys!

Quite frankly I don’t know what other guys are contributing but with the names that read like “Who Is Who of Internet Marketing” I had to make a contribution that separates me from the crowd and even though it will be sold at super low price as part of the total package – I don’t mind this time.

I get to benefit by getting customers and more importantly – Delivering Value!

I will be promoting event because it will be a great place for many people to get what they need to get started with Internet Marketing.

Vince’s Firesale will go live on 18th November, BUT for now, you stand a chance to win the complete Firesale package plus some other extra stuff worth $1,500 (or more!) by going to the site below and guessing the total value of the Firesale package! And also a $47 instant gift waiting for you there if you join now.

Remember, that’s 100+ top IM products that are currently selling in the market Today!

Just visit the site and try to guess the value – perhaps you get my Web 2.0 Wealth as part of the FREE win!