Sellers in usually describe their items with keywords that they imagine will be typed in by users. They try to put themselves in the mind of a buyer, which is not the easiest thing. The keywords that are actually used are surprisingly different yet sensible.

Instead of shooting in the dark, it would be ideal to predict what a user would key in with accuracy. To predict that, one should start with what buyers have keyed in recently. That is what providers of keyword tools are aiming to achieve. However, it is no mean task.

In amazon, there are tens of millions of searches for a product category and millions for an ASIN. ASIN is the unique identifier assigned by Amazon for a product. The goal is to reverse ASIN reports so that the numbers of searches per keyword are visible. There are billions of combinations of keywords and ASIN that are unique.

Further, Amazon is in use globally with several popular urls. These include;

  • com for the US
  • for Mexico
  • ca for Canada
  • for the UK
  • de for Germany
  • for Japan
  • fr for France
  • in for India

Achieving a keyword search for these sites puts a seller in the knowledge zone for how buyers may describe a product. Such a search tool has already been achieved by The Keyword Inspector tool. It is a tool that is powerful enough to provide the results for a particular ASIN within seconds.

With the Inspector tool, a seller can get hundreds of results for a single ASIN. They are ranked by volume of searches and therefore the seller will be interested in the first three pages of results. These pages are displayed to sellers who have purchased credit for the tool.

It’s a bigmarket out there, courtesy of Amazon, but the competition is just as huge for sellers. The seller with an edge is the one who has the latest search results and acts upon the information. The Keyword inspector updates the search volumes daily and the ASIN-Keyword combination rankings are updated approximately weekly.

Using another tool in the Keyword inspector toolset, one can view competitor activity. This is done by viewing total sales of the top popular ASINs in Amazon. The tool is called the KIPRT and it searches by numbers in a way that is not available on the Amazon website. It is currently only available for the US site.

With these tools, one can be competitive with the current product being sold and also embrace new ASINs that are popular. It is easy to identify a niche market for ASINs that have a gap between what is being searched for and what is being provided by competitors.

The most dynamic sellers are the ones that get the most out of Amazon. Information gives the power to lead the market and to create barriers of entry to competition. There is a free trial available in order to get accustomed to the interface and to test the capabilities.

Guest Post By: Bill Williams is a professional keyword SEO writer. He believes is an authoritative reverse ASIN search tool provider for Amazon. It is known to provide related demographics tools for purchase or subscription.