One of the biggest gripes I (as well as many others) have with Youtube is their piss poor quality of the videos. Problem is – not using Youtube is only hurting one person, Me. There is absolutely no denying the fact that Youtube is one of the most trafficked sites on the internet and not using its power to get at least a trickle of fresh visitors to my blog is an obvious loss.

So how does one overcome the poor quality of the video or perhaps even use it to the advantage and get some traffic to a blog? With video marketing being one of the goals for me this year I think I found an answer to the question and that is exactly what I’m going to share Wink

Last year I have purchased an amazing product from Josh Anderson which I have used to my benefit with some very solid results for a while – Greatest Web Video Effect. In fact I still didn’t see anything that comes even close to that product but it does require you to be able to work with video formats, green screen recording, etc. So that product might not be the right fit for everyone, which doesn’t change its benefits to the right person but simply narrows down the group of people who can benefit from it!

I loved the way that product was done and how clearly it guided me through the steps required to produce the web effect similar to his page. I even had it for a while on my Web 2.0 Wealth sales page until was replaced by a better converting video…

Now, why I’m telling you this?

I have revisited Josh’s site and noticed that he is getting ready to release a new product – Optimize Your Video. And while it is still in pre-launch stages he already shows some of the things one can do to produce a Crisp, Clear and Superb quality videos while still publish them on the Youtube!

He even goes and compares his video quality against one of the people known to teach these strategies on youtube and I have to admit – he puts him to a complete shame! See the video screenshot below from his site as it directly impact my plans to produce videos using Screen Recorded Tutorials, something that has proven to work well for me. See for yourself how superior is his quality!


Assuming his product quality will on par with a previous – I’m anxious to get my hands on it. According to his page it is due this month and I can only say one thing – imagine how well you can do by producing videos on youtube that exceed in quality anything currently available?

I guess at this point it is a waiting game for me and I have subscribed to his launch list to be notified as soon as it is becomes available…