I was going to write a long post and reflect about my experience at Mark Hendricks ISS10 seminar in Florida and I still might at the end of the post :-), and just than I thought…

What Is The MOST Unexpected Benefit I got For It?

You see, during these events it is EXPECTED to meet great people during the event, it is EXPECTED to get information you might not have been able to get other wise, it is EXPECTED to get new ideas.

But last couple events I have attended have been a gold mine for me as product developer. Direct feedback from my customers is one of the greatest benefits I could have and this event exceeded any expectations for me in that perspective!

Expert WordPress is changing as result of the feedback!

And no, I don’t mean it gets more expensive or anything of the type – it simply gets better!

1. And here is UNEXPECTED Benefit:

I got to learn how people see and perceive my product vs how I think they do!

This one is HUGE for me as it pointed out missing information within my product, information that will be added to EWP Monthly members, probably during the webinars.

2. Second Benefit:

I learned what frustrates my customers the most and already took steps to modify my sales process to reflect and avoid that annoyance. Doing Internet Marketing we get so tied down to the processes that sometimes we fail to remember that real live people are behind the keyboard that leads them to that process.

We forget that before a sale can happen – a trust has to be established!

And I don’t mean here a first impression such as “wow, you seem like great guy” that might lead to occasional sale but rather an informed opinion that helps a customer to decided that they want to do business with me.

Obviously I just had to act on that information gained during the seminar and than confirmed during consultation with Mark Hendricks. I don’t know if this will lead to more sales or not but I do know that it will lead to establishing better relationship with my customers.

And now I just have to brag about the seminar 🙂

I get to spend some time with great people but when I got home I realized that I only took couple pictures. Yeah, I’m not big on that part of process…


I realized that picture above is one and only that I have with Mark Hendricks! A person I have greatest respect for as marketer ever since I started doing marketing online! If you are not part of his ISS Gold – you are simply missing out!


And I consider myself privileged to take a picture with Kevin Hogan. Needless to say I enjoyed the conversation with someone who shares my own views on politics and lifestyle but most importantly – I’m extremely impressed with his unique knowledge and already placed order on “The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking” .

I also took the time and used opportunities to get some video feedback about my product:

If you have a product and don’t have Video Testimonials – you should start now! They are huge in helping you establish trust factor with your potential customers!

And if you managed to read this far – I want to give you a gift – free eBook by Jummy D. Brown “10 Ways To Make 10k”. Jimmy is another one of the marketers I have great respect for and I think you can benefit from his info!

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