I have just run into a deal announced by my friend Ross Goldberg and simply couldn’t pass it up! This brings the meaning of Black Friday Deals for Internet Marketing into new realm.

For less then $10 you can become part of incredible Virtual Teleseminar sessions with board of speakers reads like “who is who” of Internet Marketing and Mark Joyner headlining with his presentation!

Perhaps the best part of the event is that it is all virtual and done over internet with your participation over the phone or via Webcam! Well worth the investment if you haven’t done so already.

Ross Goldberg was part of the Expert Interviews on this blog before and he has an incredible story to tell himself, if you haven’t heard the interview I got with him – do so here: Expert Interviews – Ross Goldberg. But he managed to get lineup of people to speak on this virtual event that you simply can’t afford to miss! I apologize in advance for short quotes taken from Ross’s sales page but you simply need to know the people who will speak there – $10 is a joke for opportunity to listen to anyone of them:

  • Mark Joyner – also known as “The Godfather Of Internet Marketing” due to his massive success as an online marketer.
  • Ross Goldberg – from coma to Internet Marketing super stardom in less then 3 years. Traffic master shares it all
  • Ray Edwards – is an insanely successful direct-response copywriter specializing in online sales copy and direct sales websites.
  • Yanik Silver leads the ultimate “Internet Lifestyle” of fun, freedom and financial independence funded by the Internet. He is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking web sites
  • Joel Comm – is the author of many popular books, including the NY Times Best-Seller, The AdSense Code, and  Click Here to Order. Joel is a staple of the Masters Seminar Alumni.
  • Michel and Sylvie Fortin – not only partners in life, they are also secret weapons to some of the most successful Internet marketers in the world. Business owner and copywriters
  • Matt Bacak – Lead generation master, at the Idea Incubator Matt will show you how to quickly promote your business and yourself (even if you are on a tight budget)
  • Lee and Robin Collins built their business by taking smart marketing and customer support tactics to levels that nobody was applying. By doing what others weren’t willing to do, Lee and Robin built a business that anyone would be proud of and let them both walk away from lucrative 6-figure corporate jobs – all while maintaining a successful balance with family.
  • Deb and JP Micek – new media masters are going to show you how you can take advantage of the ways the web is changing to have massive impact on your bottom line today!
  • Simon Leung – will be providing real insight to how you can conquer Adwords, save on every click, and drive more targeted traffic to your site for less
  • Warren Whitlock is a best selling author and book promotion expert. He has transformed average individuals into experts by spreading their books from one side of the globe to the other.
  • Carrie “Barefoot” Wilkerson will be sharing effective ways to grow your customer list without busting your budget
  • Kevin Riley will reveal how you can create products that are specifically built to meet the needs of your customers and make you more cash, fast
  • Alan Bechtold and Erik Stafford will be revealing the single largest business opportunity since bottled water
  • Brad Semp is “The Systems Guy” and is an expert helping people and businesses to take action that produces results
  • Lynn Terry is going to show you how you can increase your affiliate commissions dramatically by building a true relationship with your website visitors and your readers
  • Colin McDougall is going to show you how optimizing for your customers benefit will have them begging to pay you and Google handing you as many as you can handle
  • Howie Schwartz is going to reveal his secret tricks and tactics that have him taking over the search engines in any niche
  • David Wilkinson is a social media expert, someone who’s generated thousands of Diggs, tens of thousands of dollars and HUNDREDS of thousands of visitors on his websites
  • Kevin Nations is the Ultimate Profit Mentor who likes to have fun and make a ton of leveraged money in the process.
  • David Preston is an author, speaker, and top rated consultant
  • Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Social Media Business Coach.

I’m in and would love to see you join me, yes I get an affiliate cut from the $10 but it is not why I post it here, price is too low to consider it profitable but the sheer value I anticipate from this event will be incredible and I hope as many of my readers as possible will join me!