Yeah … once in while we get a chance to grab some incredible deals that can’t be called anything but robbing! And now it’s your chance to take part in “shameless robbery”!

Now before I will do anything else I share the details on the “take”. 100 of superb quality info products and scripts with Master Resale Rights. And these are not some old and beaten to death products that have been circulating within IM crowd for last year but some of the best of the new releases that you can grab for pennies on a dollar.

My friend Gobala Krishnan and couple of his buddies trying to get over to US for IM get together and need some cash, so they have decided to release one of the Biggest Firesales of this year. But as all Firesales it has its conditions and those that act first get to benefit the most!

Price will be increasing as follows:

  • July 25 through July 26 – $37
  • July 27 through July 31 – $47

So for a small price you can get your hands on 100 products with Master Resale Rights! Don’t loose any time and grab your share here.