As someone who provides an option to get additional training that accompanies my main product using a membership model I know first hand how nice it is to get paid for your work on autopilot. Or to be exact – get paid monthly (or however often you set it to) for a sale made once. Membership sites are a model that many successful Internet Marketers implement and use for one simple reason – recurring profits, assuming that content is worth it.


But running a membership site is not simple if you try to do all the work yourself. In fact it becomes extremely time consuming, as I have learned first hand and requires a lot of effort. After all – to keep people subscribed we have to provide high quality information. There are several solutions to this and in this post I want to share one, created by my friend Anthony Hull that beats anything I have seen before…

Readymade Membership Sites is a project he has launched several month ago and one that has been rewarding its members with monthly recurring income. In fact, due to the scarcity (he only accepts 100 members) it makes a perfect model for someone who is just looking to get started with running their own Membership Site but who has no idea how to get started…

And let me explain why. Running a membership site requires several very important aspects: a high quality script that will be able to accept payments automatically and deliver member’s content automatically, a well-written sales letter and high-quality graphics to attract people and actually entice them to join and last but not least – high quality content provided to customers on monthly basis.

So, to do all of the above, you have a couple of options:

  • Assuming you are a very well rounded person and can handle ALL the tasks I have described above with great quality – you can do everything yourself, or perhaps outsource some parts to others. Which is still going to cost you quite a bit as quality work never comes cheap!
  • You can outsource everything, just like many of the guru’s do and have someone generate everything for you while you are busy doing promotion and getting new members. Now that option will get very expensive in a hurry!

Want to know the third option?

Yep, you guessed it – Readymade Membership Sites Cool . I think this concept is nothing short of genius:

  • You join the private club and secure your spot for a monthly fee
  • You get a Fully Setup membership site with domain of your choosing and hosting is included.
  • All pages are ready to go (includes professionally written sales page and all internal pages, customized with your site name)
  • All content is delivered to your members automatically each month like clock work. The content creation is outsourced and provided to your site members by Anthony but the cost of it is shared by all the site owners of ReadymadeMembership Sites so you get superb quality for a super low investment.

All you have left to do is promote, get members and receive recurring income!

Yeah, you actually do have to work to get paid but now that work is being reduced to just promotional efforts as all technical and content creation aspects have been taken care of for you. As it stands right now – Readymade Membership Sites are the easiest way to tap into the membership marketing model. And once you see the process you can either duplicate it yourself or just continue to enjoy the benefits of the work been done for you!

See if Readymade Membership Sites is for you!