Last week I have emailed people who chose to read my eZine with information on how to access the 5 free videos provided by Adam from Niche Profits Classroom. Quite frankly I don’t really care if you buy the product they offer or not (which is a steal in my opinion) even though I’m an affiliate – I just want you to see the 5 videos they provide.

Adam does a superb explanation on how to chose your market (niche) in a way nobody else have described, at least not for free and gives you detailed directions on how to find EXACT keywords that will bring you traffic and convert into sales. But there is even more..

And yes, if you do decide to join their program – I get to benefit as affiliate but in this case as I mention it has the least weight in my decision to present this information.

Adam and his partner came up with a system they call Niche Marketing 2.0 and while it is similar in many ways to standard Niche marketing and the way we do it – it has some drastic differences. let me list some of the points you will least from his free videos:

  • How to chose a Niche Market that is guaranteed to be profitable
  • How to identify keywords that will guarantee your top position in Google
  • How to get guaranteed traffic from Google (comes from point above)
  • How to create a Niche product without breaking your budget
  • How to convert traffic into buyers!

Points above are just some of the most important I want to mention and yes, all of them will be delivered to you in a set of 5 free videos designed to pre-sell they membership! If you are at least a bit savvy with the internet – you don’t even have to buy their main product, although it will save you a lot of time!

Adam provides an example site that generates him anywhere between $500 to $1500 a month almost on complete autopilot and he has a lot of them! They call them “Silent Sales Machines” due to the fact that once they put system in place – it just works without much intervention.

You can reverse engineer most of their strategies! But with their membership been offered at only $47 / month – it might not be worth the effort!

Either way – I hope you check out their videos – they deliver more value in free content provided in those 5 videos than most people will give you in paid product!

Click to check out Niche Profits Classroom Here.


…and don’t forget to let me know what you think!