plr-master-doug-champignyIf you missed the Mastering PLR teleseminar call last night – you missed a lot! Over an hour of nothing but pure content and as I have promised in my previous post – I INTERROGATED Doug Champigny, The PLR Master and was pulling gold nuggets out of him!

In fact we had so many things to cover – we run out of time!!!! Read the rest of the post to learn how you can participate in Part 2 of mastering PLR teleseminar (that will be released as paid product) and listen to a part of the last night’s call…

I was actually learning myself as I was asking the questions provided by you on my last post and by people submitting those questions on the web form. And as we progressed we have realized that 1 hour was simply not enough!

I still have so much left to ask and can only hope you will join us for the Part 2 of Mastering PLR simulcast. It will be provided via phone call and also you can listen via web player. So join us using one of the link provided. Here are details:

The Mastering PLR Simulcast – Part Two
on Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:00pm Eastern

… and perhaps to evaluate the quality of information provided – you can listen to the short preview (5 min) of the conversation that took place last night: