They say that admitting you have a problem is a first step on the road to recovery. I admit – I’m an Affiliate Marketer!

Not that I see anything wrong with it, in fact I see it as a positive statement Cool but with the territory comes a plethora of mistakes so common for every Affiliate Marketer in the beginning of their career. Even now I continue to receive commissions that I have no idea how they were generated. A Deadly Sin for ANY Affiliate Marketer – failure to track! I have committed it and if you didn’t – feel free to throw he first stone!

And in this article I want to share a tool that perhaps will help you solve the two most common problems in Affiliate Marketing: Masking Affiliate Links and Tracking Results.

While this is a well known fact for a new people to the whole affiliate marketing scene it might not be obvious but – affiliate commissions theft is a large issue. While it is most common in Make Money Online Niche it does exist in other niches and should be ignored. After all you bottom line is impacted and Masking Affiliate Links is required!

And second problem – Not Knowing which of your efforts actually produce results. Time is money and concentrating on marketing strategies that generate you sales instead of trying multiple things is extremely important. Tracking Results allows you to point with certainty which promotional effort generated best response and most profits. And with that I want to share a…

Free Tool To Mask Affiliate Links and Track Results

…better yet, it has a built-in ability to locate profitable products from ClickBank marketplace! Pretty nice, if you ask me. A perfect blend of research and tools to maximize your profits.

PinURL service is similar to TinyURL but I like that it has a built in ability to use a ClickBank research tool and then instantly turn located products into a Masked Affiliate Links with some advanced options and tracking! Instead of talking too much about it here are some screenshots showing the tool in action…

1. Doing a research for “keyword” in CB marketplace and also integrating my affiliate links and cb tracking id into each result:


2. Picking one product from results. Please note that all relevant information is provided for you for each product and your link is already integrated into result. Unfortunately it seems that sorting options within the tool are not working properly right now but with all the info available to you – do the math!


3. Masking Affiliate Link. Once you click on Make PinURL option in image above you are provided with several great features. Couple of my favorite is to provide meaningful name (something that will become part of url) and use Stealth redirect – attempt to remove your affiliate id after cookie was set.


4. Use one of the links. Once you click on Make PinURLyou are presented with several unique links you can use for your promotional efforts. Pick one that works better for you. As you see in image below I had to change the Meaningful name to something that wasn’t currently taken by someone else.


5. Track results. Once you have put your promotional efforts you need to track results. After a little bit you will get your statistics. There are more advanced options available to you for tracking but it will require placing code to the Thank you page of the vendor – you will find it hard to get 😀 but see an image below and after it I’ll describe how to use your own tracking!


Additional Tracking Options

If you look closely in Step 5 you will see that Acton Hits and CTR are both off. That is due to a simple fact that you are required to have access to vendor pages and place small code on it. Chances are that 999 out of 1000 vendors will tell you to take a walk on your request to implement that code. So how do you work around it?

Return to Step 1. Under ClickBank Hoplink Generator I have underlined Tracking ID: SPTRPOST. That tracking ID is important to me ONLY. It holds no relevance on anything but – my ability to track my affiliate sales in ClickBank by Tracking ID.

Even if I don’t have access to vendor pages I can implement Tracking ID and associate it with EACH UNIQUE link. Using ClickBank Reporting I can see exactly which Tracking ID generated Sales with up to 90 days back and associate it with marketing effort since I know the links. Simple and yet deadly effective!


That’s All for now and I can only hope that a little guide I have shared will help you avoid the mistakes I’m still making and know exactly where your money coming from. Masking And Tracking is Essential For Easier Affiliate Profits!