With 2009 coming to a close I wanted to share information I think is extremely important and call it:

Marketing Fitness Plan

Has a nice ring to it, huh? 🙂 I like it! But what is even more important then my like or dislike of the title is an actual information.

As we strive to succeed and do more and more business online we become entangled into buy/sell relationships whether we like it or not. Sometimes it is based on immediate need, other time it could be an idea that struck a chord with you and lastly – because a sales copy was just too damn good!

You know its true! I get caught up in buying frenzy too!

In this post I want to share my own personal plan to “trim the marketing excess” and move into 2010 lean and mean marketing machine!

Trim Your Email Marketing Fat

If you are doing email marketing, and I hope you do, as other wise your online business is nothing but an overblown hobby, this one can be impacting you directly.

Impacting Financially!

Email marketing MUST be part of your overall strategy and properly implemented it will do wonders for your growth but it is also an cost you have to keep track of! I personally use aweber for my mailing list management but as you will see below what I’m about to share applies to both most popular autoresponder services: aweber and getresponse.

You see pricing strategies used by both services allow you to get started with minimal investment and as you grow – you pay more. And actually quite a bit more… See images below with pricing tables from both services:





I’m personally partial to aweber as it is more blogger friendly, or it used to be but either way – you have to pay attention to number of subscribers on your lists as this is what you are charged based on!

Tip: Trim Your Expense! But did you know that you are also getting charged for the leads that have chosen to leave your mailing list and have unsubscribed? As you can see in images below – it can quickly start costing you money!

Periodically Go through your email lists, search for unsubscribed leads and delete them from your autoresponder. This is especially important if it moves you from one pricing category into another!

Trim Your Monthly Commitments

Membership models have become a goal for many marketers as it creates a form of stability for the owner of the product / service and allows him concentrate on delivering value customers need. It also creates a financial stability among a few other nice things, but…

As membership model became popular – so did the concept successfully used by direct marketers for years – Forced Continuity! One that was superseded earlier this year in Internet Marketing world by “Optional Continuity”.

We are enticed to subscribe just because the value presented makes it a no brainer to try. Combine with low monthly cost (in many cases) it keeps that expense under our radar and can go unnoticed for months on your PayPal or credit card account!

Sounds Famililar?

Then please, do read on!

Small amounts can actually add-up in total to a rather sizable chunk! And what I’m here advising you to do is one thing:

Evaluate Each Subscription!

Take a look at what you are paying for, evaluate it against your current needs and you goals for 2010, track and create a summary of past performance!

You need to take a carefully look at each and every monthly subscription, service and decide if it is right for you or not. If it is directly tied to your core business, such as autoresponder, or if you can go without it.

You might be surprised what you will discover!

While there are many other ways to trim your unnecessary expenses – 2 I mentioned above can have a big impact on monthly bases and getting rid of what you don’t need or cutting it down in size can have a positive impact on your BETTER START OF 2010!