article marketingThere are some people who believe that email marketing has become essentially useless. The truth is, email marketing will remain useful as long as people continue to use email. Let those people stop using email as a marketing medium, and take over in their wake. Because if you’re smart about the way you approach email marketing, it’s just as valuable as any other marketing tool you have at your disposal.

Hire Better Writers
Generic marketing content is typically caught by spam filters, being sent directly to the trashcan before the intended recipient even knows the email existed. Hiring a few good writers will help you bypass that spam filter while creating text that the members of your mailing list will actually enjoy reading. Email marketing content is just as important as blog or social media content, and you need to treat it with the same amount of care.

Don’t Make People Work for It
You need people to sign up to receive your emails. They aren’t going to do that if you make it especially difficult. Ask all visitors to your site to join your email list, and make the signup process easy. All you really need from them is their first name and their email. If you want to boost the amount of people who sign up, offer a unique discount code as a signup perk.

Divide Up Your Big List
Don’t send out one email to everyone. Loyal customers won’t appreciate receiving the same email you’re sending to people who have never made a purchase. Segment your list into tiers, and send specialized content to each group of people. This makes it easy to target the content of the email to its intended audience, rather than hoping that a one-size-fits-all approach will work.

Provide Value in Your Emails
Don’t email just to email. Follow-up emails after a customer has made a purchase are a completely different ballgame from regular mailing list updates. You should only send out emails to announce things that people would genuinely find important. Upcoming sale? New product launch? Exclusive offer? These are the things you should be letting people know about. Too many emails without value can lead to people quickly hitting that unsubscribe button.

Use Visuals
Never settle for a wall of text and believe that’s good enough. Your marketing emails should show photos of the products and services you’re promoting. People tend to have short attention spans when it comes to text on the internet, particularly if it isn’t broken up very well. Images, GIFs and even videos can add interest to what could have been a boring email that most recipients wouldn’t feel inclined to take the time to read.

Always Include a Call to Action
How are you going to get conversions if readers don’t know what you’re looking for? You probably want them to buy something, subscribe to a service, or download a free trial – so let them know exactly what it is you want them to do, and make it easy for them to do it. Include an enticing call to action in your marketing emails. If you want to sweeten the deal, virtual coupons always help.

It’s time to use your best innovative thinking skills when it comes to email marketing. Remember that people have seen it all before, and it’s your job to keep them interested in seeing more. Throw out your old approaches and tackle email marketing from a creative perspective. You may be surprised with the results.

Guest Post By: Kelly Smith is an experienced writer and tutor working at Career FAQs. She’s keen on new motivational tools and productivity hacks. She’s also interested in the new media.