First announced to subscribers yesterday I decided to extend this invitation to my blog readers, just in case you are still not on my list! So mark you calendar and register today for

Blogging Live Webinar on April 20. 2009 at 7Pm Eastern

While this webinar is mainly created for Expert WordPress free members I invite you to participate as well! During the webinar I intend to talk about a few things that we get a lot of questions on:

  • What is blogging?
  • Why it is important to you?
  • What should you do to make it work for YOU and RIGHT NOW?

011_004And we will also dedicate sizable chunk of time to answering multiple questions submitted by subscribers and YOU, if you are interested to participate! Please be advised that Survey is limited to 100 people so if you want to ask me a question before Webinar to have it addressed in details – do it now and here. Otherwise – Register For Webinar! It will be fun, I promise!