NO, you are not seeing double!

But you are seeing a post that has every chance of making 2009 your best year ever! Mark your calendar for January 30 to February 2nd and plan to be part of the Live Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop!

My friend and partner David Perdew organizes a workshop where you can learn everything you need from the true guru (in best understanding of the word), people I personally have huge respect for and earn from!

And here is a small bonus – I’ll be doing speaking and helping you personally, face to face – for the very first time (and depending on outcome, might be the last one 😉 )

Event will be held in form of the workshop and main goal of the entire process is to ensure tha you walk away from it not only with knowledge on how to earn online but also the tools you need to do it with but also HANDS-ON experience and your first results!

Even though I’m scheduled to speak and share what I know about the blogging I’m quite excited as I get to also learn and interface with people like Willie Crawford, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks Lynn Terry and our host David Perdew.

I expect this to be quite an event and already made my reservations and paid for the tickets so I’ll be there for sure. Otherwise I’d be hiding from David for the rest of natural life 🙂

Unlike many other seminars this event is organized quite differently as we get to learn, work, and EARN MONEY together.

Even if you don’t get excited about it – I’m. Each of the speakers will make a presentation for 60-90 minutes and then we will all break out into groups with speakers leading each group and working on implementing what we have learned together.

Taking immediate and MASSIVE action is what will guarantee that you walk away with one of the best experiences you can possibly get.

Not to mention that since most of us will be staying in the Crowne Plaza Hotel we get to interact, learn about each other and as often happens – get new partners and explode our business. It is a simple nature of these events and you can be a part of it!

Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop Details:

  • Date: Jan 30 – Feb 2, 2009
  • Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia (David secured a special rate if you make reservations before January 14)
  • Airport: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
  • Details:
  • Price: only $197 if purchase before midnight on January 14

Many times I had a questions and request for personal help and when I was able to – I did so, now is the unique opportunity to have a training sessions with me face to face. Better yet – you get to interact and learn from:  Willie Crawford, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks Lynn Terry and our host David Perdew.

Don’t lose your opportunity!

And if you decide to join us – I would appreciate a comment on this post as well as your expectations! Help me deliver the info you really want and need and don’t forget to leave your twitter ID in comment form!

Social Networkign will be huge part of what you will learn and you can start the process by simply commenting and allowing us to connect on twitter!