In Russia we have a saying – “forge the iron while it is still hot” (loosely translated) and this post is a second part of my reflections on jvAlert Live by Ken McArthur in Philadelphia. And in this post I want to address one main thing – what does my networking mean to you, my reader?

How will you benefit from my experience? And I promise you will…. whether you like it or not 😈 (just kidding). After all…

  • You are interested to learn how to generate hips of traffic?
  • Deliver your message?
  • Make the Impact?

Well, lets dive in then!

But before I even begin to discuss how you will benefit I want to say that it was all made possible by Ken McArthur, best selling author of The Impact Factor and his jvAlert Live event. To me the value of the personal connections I have established there are simply priceless and I’m already making plans to attend his next event in October (Las Vegas). Perhaps you will meet me there? Let’s Connect!

I was quite impressed with the whole atmosphere of the event, where you have close to 200 (I think ) people, who work in same niche, compete for same cash flow and yet, first question you get is “What can I do to help you?” (thanks to Larry πŸ˜€ ). Atmosphere nurtured and guided by the host himself will be something that is well worth experiencing by anyone looking to earn online!

But the main goals of the jvAlert Live event still to learn, earn and connect!

And they are tied to each other so closely, I don’t think we can separate them. As result of the connections I have made I have several great ideas for my own business, strategies to help my customers and free content to all my readers!

What do I mean by FREE Content? Something that will benefit directly you – blogger, business owner, my reader.

While each and every connection I have made during the event has a huge value and relevance to me, I was looking out for something that would deliver value to you and as result I have scored several agreements with marketers, whose names you might have heard and who will share how to do one thing – drive traffic to your site or blog! Traffic is lifeblood of any internet business and Is The First Step in the progression of success (more on that some other time)!

So here is what will be presented to you in next couple weeks, based on availability:

  • Dr. Ron Capps (The NicheProf) is the man who KNOWS how to dominate social networks and one of the people who uses it on daily bases. Better yet, he knows how to get it done in the most efficient way where one action leads to multiple reactions and then as a domino effect stampede of social (FREE!) traffic. If you would like to learn HOW to use social networks in ethical way to drive hundreds of people willing to hear your message to you site – Stay tuned for the interview with Dr. Ron Capps.
  • Frank Sousa is one of the co-Founders of the Traffic Geyser and a man who knows how to funnel traffic from Video Sharing sites and social sites and use them to dominate Google search Results. In some cases within minutes from first action (just visit his site to see how Frank Kern did it, live case study)! Man who not only knows how to drive the traffic but how to also CONVERT that traffic into multi-million dollar income. And he agreed to share this not only as interview but also as a possible webinar for my customers and readers. So, stay tuned for all the goodness that will be coming your way!
  • Ross Goldberg has created quite an explosion with his Traffic Manifesto and several other products. I have personally enjoyed meeting the guy and his No BS style of communication. Hey, I like to get to the point without wasting other people’s time as well and his style closely matches my own. While he has several projects and a lot to offer – I have managed to get an agreement from him for an interview on his Traffic Driving strategies. I’m currently working on getting in touch with him (hint to Ross – if you are reading this, my emails don’t seem to reach you, please contact me πŸ˜€ )

As you can see above my visit to Philly will be directly benefiting you and I’m working on compiling my questions to each one of the distinguished gentlemen above. I want to be absolutely sure to get as much valuable information as they are willing to share for free :D.

And here is the good news! Yep, I’m not done yet πŸ™‚ ….

Agreements I got above are just the few to get started. Obviously I didn’t waste the time I spent in Philly and have met a lot more people. People whose combined knowledge and experience responsible for generating multi-million dollar incomes using Internet and personal computer. People, whose generosity I’m willing to call upon in order for you to get the goods!

I have every intention of working with other great marketer I have met and see if I can talk them into sharing some of that knowledge and experience in interview. But in mean time – I recommend you go to the source and learn how to make an Impact.

Get into Ken McArthur’s Impact Factor – it will be well worth the effort!