jvAlert Live event has ended and now is the time to reflect on what I have seen, experienced and just the generally what I feel about it. If you don’t care about money, financial independence and your personal freedom from corporate grinder – this post might not be for you and clicking that “Back” button on the browser might be most appropriate action right now.

…because this post is all about it, it is The Impact Factor that I have to share. And did you notice “Part One” in the title? Yeah… what I got to share is not going to fit into one simple post and what I have learned will be forced onto my readers. You do want to benefit from it, don’t you? Then read on…

First of all, anyone who is been reading my blog, communicated with me via any of the means I make available KNOWS that I’m not the one to get excited over something if it wasn’t worth it. Quite frankly I get enough of this bull crap in corporate world that I don’t want to bring it into the area where I enjoy working!

And with that been said – jvAlert Live by Ken McArthur is an event that will have a huge impact on my live, impact for the better and I can only hope to share at least some of that with people willing to read my rumblings – you (hey, you did click that “read more” link πŸ˜€ ).

Not only was event worth every penny I have spent – to me it is priceless! And that is where comes the 2 part reflection. In my view the event had 2 biggest benefits:

  • Presentations
  • Networking opportunities

And while I probably shouldn’t separate the two – I simply have to in order to be able to share…

jvAlert Live Presentations

While each presenter at the end did make an offer to purchase the product they have (one major gripe some people have with these events ) – each offer was provided at very discounted price and if the offer meet your needs it made an unbeatable deal.

But what I liked the most – Ken actually made the presenters to REALLY poor the superb quality content into 90 minutes alloted for each presenter. And each and every one of them OVERdelivered. In some cases information that is not available anywhere else but private coaching and all attendees got it as part of presentation.

I don’t know if Ken is planning to make the recordings available or not (all recording were done by an award winning documentary film maker, so the quality should be superb ) but if he does, it is well worth the investment. Here is a quick summary…

  • Larry Benet “The Connector” was the first with a very powerful message on How To Properly Connect. And I’m not talking about how to start a conversation, etc that many might expect but rather how to create a Million Dollar connection. His presentation alone helped me to establish several great relationships during the event I don’t think I would have managed to without it. Keep in mind – I’m a techy and communications are not my strongest point – I can be very abrasive at times and establishing first contact connection was something I got from Larry. An Instant Impact – Thanks Larry!
  • Sanyika Calloway-Boyce delivered her secret to getting consistently and repeatedly invited on TV shows. An incredible achievement when you consider she managed something like 24 appearances in last month alone! Unfortunately I’m one of the people who has an “appearance created for radio” as someone stated on the event and this is something beyond my personal interest right now. Information I had safely filed away for later … hey, maybe Howard Stern will be interested one day, cause that is about the only place where I can fit in πŸ˜€
  • Alan Bechtold, author of the Will Work For Fun (ships later this month) made a presentation of his new project – fully featured film FUNdamanetal You. Guy who is been making millions on the net BEFORE Internet became a commonly used word. He has earned his first income using Bulletin Boards by providing a service to a community that it was missing – news aggregation. Now he takes it to the new level and describes How To Actually Have Fun while working. Message well worth sharing considering the growing recession in US. BTW, Did I mention he is a great guy with superb sense of humor? No… well he is and his presentation will not leave you without a smile!
  • Ken McArthur, the host of the event and a best selling amazon author of The Impact Factor delivered a very powerful message on how we make the difference on other people lives by doing exactly what we do and by sharing the message we have. If you do it via blog or a product that provides answers to other people problems doesn’t matter. What does is that if you didn’t do it – you would have negatively impacted people by not providing the answers they already got from you and what is to come. Very emotional presentation but at same time it is something that made me think about what I do in a bit different way – I do make impact by providing help and if it is even only ONE person – it was well worth my time. I’m itching to read the book I already got and can only recommend you do same – get the Impact Factor and a whole lot more!
  • Yanik Silver was a rear treat, as he almost never does presentations outside of his own mentoring program. Man who coined the term “Internet Lifestyle” and is a leaving proof of what is possible if you put your mind to it, shared his insight on psychological triggers. Not only did he describe how he personally creates sales funnel but also his tricks to trigger that one single action that would result in sale. And no – it has nothing to do with trickery or scam but an info that actually explains what makes us act and how to invoke that action.
  • Jeff Johnson made quite a waves in blogging world with his SEO WordPress package. In his presentation he went beyond and gave us a preview of what to expect from his Underground Training Lab. I have to admit that I have a few things I have to rethink after his presentation but that is a topic for entirely different conversation. Most important part of it – Jeff showed the power of WordPress to a large audience with influence of huge proportions. I think we will be seeing people talk more and more about it!
  • Simon Leung is one of the 2 founding members of the Google AdWords Quality Control team and his presentation nearly made me run out of ink. Information that can have a direct impact on your bottom line if you are using AdWords. He dispelled a few myths that are not only floating around but actually sold as part of some info products on What Exactly impacts your ad quality score and how to address it properly. 12 Secrets that come from insider WHO DESIGNED the quality control guidelines for Google AdWords. Do you think it can get any more accurate? This presentation alone was worth the money for me personally…
  • Mike Morgan “The million Dollar Mike” is a legend in copywriting. He is the man behind the sales letter that reached Million Dollars in sales in shortest time and as you can imagine his information was something I was listening to. Not only did he explain some basics but also shared some very valuable resources I’ll be using for my next project. Hey, I can’t be as good as him but at least I will borrow some of the knowledge he shared.

Unfortunately I had to leave after Mike’s presentation and didn’t have a chance to see Keith Wellman. But what I have seen provided me with an incredible value and that was only a small part of what I have got from the jvAlert Live. Networking and connections I have established are a second part of my reflection and will follow shortly!