There are many types of Internet Marketing Conferences and I have personally attended JV Alert Live in the past, which in my mind is one of the best for networking and organized by Ken McArthur, who really cares about your success on the web.

But there are some that stand head and shoulder above the rest for one simple reason – conferences designed specifically to provide you with training! Internet Success Systems Live is one of them, organized by Mark Hendricks, who I consider to be my personal unofficial mentor 🙂 , its goal is to provide Live training for the members of Mark’s training group, members of ISS and delivers tremendous value to attendees. But to participate in this seminar – you don’t have to be a member, in fact I will show you how to get hundreds of $$$ off the admission ticket in this post!

Better yet, since I have already bought my own ticket, got my hotel booked and my flight scheduled – I would like to offer you a bonus for acting – let’s network LIVE and I will personally answer any questions you might have or offer solutions to your blogging stumbles!

Why You Should Attend Internet Success Systems Live?

Perhaps the biggest reason is you will learn a lot!

ISS Live is set to take place in April 29 through May 1st 2011 in Orlando, Florida, so you have plenty of time to make travel arrangements! Mark has arranged special rates in beautiful resort run by Hilton – Doubletree Resort Orlando, next to See World, so with careful planning you can even make a vacation out of the deal and then write it off as business trip, but I didn’t tell you that, as i’m not a tax advisor 🙂

Here is a short list of trainers who will be making presentations during seminar, and I mean training presentations, not stories of “rags to riches” followed by sales pitch!

  • Mark Hendricks – ISS Founder, Coach and Mentor who will be making several presentations and I can guarantee you will learn a lot! Mark has an amazing ability to make complicated things extremely simple and one of the best people to create a system out of process.
  • Jim Straw – Jim has sold over four-hundred million dollars ($400,000,000) worth of products and services and created multitude of books, training manuals and will be sharing his knowledge live
  • Joe Marsh and Cindi Dawson – this duo has developed a process of doing SEO for small businesses and making $1200 per client, per month! I have just completed going over their info product on this topic and I can tell you – it is SUPERB and UNIQUE that can be done by anyone. Here is your chance to learn entire process live and get the answers to questions you might have!
  • Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen – always on the edge this duo will be sharing with you methods to use mobile marketing in ways you probably never thought possible! I’m really looking forward to their presentation as mobile marketing something I need to know more about!
  • Nicole Dean – an excellent affiliate marketer, publisher and coach who helps business owners discover lasting and successful strategies for marketing and operating their businesses online. I have known Nicole for a few years online and this will be my first time meeting her in person. She KNOWS how to get a lot of things done, something I need to learn 🙂
  • Regina Smola – The Hacker Attacker. Regina has established herself as one of the more known experts on WordPress security and will be teaching you how to accomplish same. Since the subject is near and dear to me – I got to know Regina online and now will be meeting her in person. Highly recommend you do same!

Since we are still couple months away from conference I’m sure the list will expand to provide you even more value for your money but either way – you will get more information than you paid for which brings us to…

How To Get Hundreds of $$ Off ISS Live Conference?

Simply go to ISS Live sales page and click link at the top for ISS conference. Read up the details and choose the purchase option that fits your needs the best! If you are only planning to attend conference – simply add coupon: LIVE at purchase form and instantly save HUGE.

IMPORTANT: this discount will continually decrease in value, as time clicks away and Mark is known for keeping his word so I highly advise you take advantage of it now! In fact – this is one of the things he is teaching his student, so don’t take it as a marketing trick!

My Personal Bonus For Attending Internet Success Systems Live Seminar

I’m not going to tell you how much I charge my consulting clients, as this is not the point of this blog post. What is – an opportunity for us to get together, one on one or network as a group and get face to face time.

I might not be the most accomplished businessman but I believe I know a thing or two about blogging and if you have any problems, questions or looking for guidance – I will be there for you to answer any questions.

I’m arriving to Orlando on Thursday, April 28 and will be there through Monday 2nd, so we will have plenty of opportunities to network and even get one on one time if you so desire.

Simply purchase ISS Live ticket and comment on this blog post, so I could get with you and we can coordinate the time.

Some Limitations:

  • Only first 3 people who purchase are guaranteed 1×1 time, for obvious reasons
  • We will have a group network session for everyone else

Stop waiting – start acting and I look forward to your comments and personal face to face time! Get your ticket to Internet Success System Live seminar now.