Each and every year we see that “free line” is sliding more and more and it has been described many times by others, including the great series of post by my friend and marketing guru Doug Champigny “The POWER OF FREE In Affiliate Marketing – Part One“.

FREE is an incredibly powerful word that draws people and while sometimes it represents nothing but regurgitated crap, some of the recent product launches, such as Send Button Profits by Jeff Dedrick shows us true power of over-delivering. And as a launch partner I know that he will surprise even more people by what is coming.

But seeing all the freebies – question comes to mind – Is FREE Overdone?

Or rather at which point it simply becomes too much?

And here is what I mean…

FREE often perceived as less valuable, less useful and as such less acted upon when it comes to information that has potential to actually help you. We all know that if you paid for consulting – you will act on what advised if for no other reason but because you have paid for that advise.

And I’m not trying to advocate to stop giving stuff away for free to attract the customers! Quite opposite! My partner and I are giving away our own Expert WordPress blog installer with several videos Absolutely FREE.

But we have intentionally limited of what is provided with free package to make it enough for people who know and just enough for people who need to learn to realize that upgrade could be a valuable option to them.

And not because we are greedy! While we need to make money to continue supporting free installer as well as upgraded members – I see time and time again that even people who purchase full product fail to actually watch the videos and act on them! Information that comes directly from testing, trial and error is all available and yet – not even used! Go figure!

Considering that example above is something that fairly low priced – I know that FREE Offers are even less acted on.

So the questions is back…

What defines the FREE line and how do you ensure that people don’t just consume and demand for more but rather take it for what it is valuable gift that required research, time, effort to provide it.

Free Offer is a Gift and Not Mandatory!

So lets remember to be grateful when that gift is of actual Value!

Value it when you find it, don’t just automatically assume that gift provider is obligated to do more beyond what is already provided! And if you want to see a great example of gift that truly over deliver – have a look at Send Button Profits by Jeff Dedrick.