Income Fitness by Barbara Ling is one eBook I have read lately that answers one of the biggest questions I get from multiple people:

How does one start with building online business if there are not readily available cash or knowledge?

While it has enough information to keep even a person experienced in many aspects of Internet Marketing interested in finishing reading it – it truly shines if you are totally new to the entire scene and quite frankly lost in all the talk, hype and promises! In fact I think it is directly answers a question submitted by one of my readers:


Sounds like you? Read on than…

My personal favorite quote from question above is:

Many “lack of action” people are confused, don’t know what to ask and feel ashamed, so quit.

That one single line submitted by Lee made me realize that perhaps I’m to blame as well for ignoring this very simple fact – Need For A Complete Guidance! Sometimes we fail to realize that what is taken for granted by us is not necessary something that even makes sense to other person and I want to thank Lee for helping me realize it!

And now that I’m done beating myself up 🙂 I want to answer a question that you just might have by now…

How Does Income Fitness Can Help You?

While I had a review copy of the eBook Barbara have shared with me, before it was fully completed – it gave me chance to see just how appealing it is in its simplicity!

And no, it is not simplicity of the information but rather delivery, as Barbara is a veteran marketer and webmaster and truly shines in this eBook by delivering information in concise, actionable and simple to follow format.

  • Organization of the ebook is one of the aspects I like as I think it will allow anyone to follow the steps outlined in it with ease. No matter what your current experience level is – information is easy to access
  • Minimal Technical Knowledge approach within ebook ensure that you don’t need a technical background to implement strategies she shares. I think this one is my personal downfall in many cases as I like technical solution when they are available without taking into account people who might not be able to implement them. Barbara beautifully navigates through this obstacle!
  • Exact Steps outlined to you. No more guessing on what your next action should be, just open the ebook where you left off and follow through. As long as you are honest with yourself and actually follow the steps – you have no more excuse for failure
  • Resources Filled ebook will also points you in right direction for getting support, assistance or save the time and money by purchasing only what is absolutely needed. Ever been in position where you buy info product only to learn that you need to buy a WHOLE lot more just to be able to follow it? Then you got to give this ebook a look.

There is a lot more to the eBook and the product comes with member forums, in which I also participate although not too often and it contains the information you will need and support you can understand.


I’m sharing this eBook through my affiliate link but I don’t take this promotion lightly. I think this eBook will provide you with answers you are seeking for as long as you are willing to learn and willing to act! So no more excuse to the “lack of action” as a budget priced ebook by Barbara has the answers, if you are willing to ask questions.