income fitnessEver notice that we tend to associate ourselves with people we like and whose point of view on things important to us similar to our own? Income Fitness program by Barbara Ling is in pre-launch mode and reason I mention it on my blog is because its central idea fits very closely with my own!

Barbara Ling is a webmaster and have been doing business online full time for quite a while, so she knows all the internal working of actually making it work. But what I personally liked about this idea is its core promise – help people achieve success by using free resources or low cost services.

Having some spare income to invest into your online business when you first start is very hard! And if you have a family who might not see things same way as you do about your new online venture – it can be impossible, or at least filled with trouble 🙂

I do need to mention that I haven’t yet seen or read the book that she will release in couple weeks but I have a trust that she will over-deliver on her promise based on my previous experience! This is where the part of trust by association comes into play!

You see I have previously read some of the eBooks Barbara provides, most notably “21 Days to a More Profitable Blog”. Considering that I already had a rather solid blogging experience I was still rather impressed as I have learned quite a few tricks I have then successfully implemented into my own daily efforts!

Barbara Ling provides solid information and with Income Fitness she promises to deliver more of same. Here is a quote of what to expect:

In a nutshell, Income Fitness will take you by the hand and show you how to:

  • Build Trust with your current and future customer base
  • Make your blog or site rank high NATURALLY without spending any money for SEO visibility
  • Make you money by increasing the number of buying customers to see what you have to sell
  • Get a tremendously huge following in Twitter WITHOUT those ridiculous spamming thingees
  • Google Slap Shield your site (wow!) from the dreaded Google Slap
  • Grow your influence and reach so people KNOW you’re the subject matter expert they NEED to see
  • Develop your own personal Unique Authority so you’re leading the pack…and not trailing behind
  • Spark Buzz Spark positive buzz about your site, your writings and more
  • Be a genuine covert angel and help out your friends
  • Enable your future profits growth
  • And much much more…the above barely scratches the surface of what you’ll learn in Income Fitness.

As you can see Barbara makes some bold promises 🙂 lets see how she will deliver, as I plan to write a follow up to this post once I get my hand on the actual eBook 🙂

And she is already giving some freebies on her Income Fitness site so don’t miss the chance to grab it – she is good at what she does and she was one of the Expert Interview participants on this blog. Read more about Barbara here – Expert Interviews: Barbara Ling

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I never recommend something I didn’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.