immyth.jpg I have just finished reading reading report that pulled me away from everything I was doing and I have to say that every minute spent on this reading was well worth it … Once again Russell Bronson comes out with a report The IM Myth, which by the way is FREE, that manages to break boundaries of what I thought I knew.

I tend to be skeptical about things but when something begins with headline What If Everything You Were Ever Taught About Internet Marketing Was A Myth…?” and then promises to pay me, I simply had to read.

Yep, as I said – not only does this report shares some information I never considered before for my own Internet Business it also provides you with a way to earn cool cash. I will not spoil the details on how, just visit the page for details. What I will do instead is summarize my personal thoughs on it without uncovering any secrets …

… hey, you do want to read it, don’t you?

First of all – I want to say that not a single word stated on his page is a lie! Every little bit of information shared within is something I haven’t seen before or seen only a small fraction of it. Not to say that nothing similar doesn’t exist as I don’t go out shelling my cash for every single product ever released. But what I do know is that information in this FREE Report was great.

Would I personally implement it all? Probably not, but I’m already considering and bookmarking some great resources Russell shared at the end of it. Plus I don’t think every single tactic will apply for every type of internet business although it could be simply due to my inexperience in it. But hey, this report didn’t cost me a dime and loaded me with ideas already – what else can I ask for, right?

Wrong! Because Russell is willing to pay me for sharing this information with you. Pretty nice guy, isn’t he? 🙂 He is actually not that altruistic and I think using this great report as a pre-launch strategy, but it all the same to me. Quality of report is great and I really don’t mind sharing this info with you.

Go ahead, grab your copy and learn how you can earn from it too!