I’m not the one to shoot for the hype but I’m active member of multiple Internet Marketing communities. If you even been involved in IM you must have heard about Mike Filsaime – a car salesman turned IM pro who is now one of the most recognized names in that field.

His products sell like hotcakes and his teachings now cost pretty penny, but I’m not here to sell you on anything but provide you with an opportunity to read a post on his blog that can be worth thousands of dollars to you and your online business.

Here is short quote:

Well, I am sure you have heard the biblical story that teaches the lesson of:

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day… If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Now, while that is noble, and true. The fact (the very very SAD fact) is that MOST people do not want to learn how to fish. Most people do not want to LEARN how to do anything.

So what does that mean? Does that mean that people really just want the fish?


But they do not just want the fish, but they want it cooked, served right out of the oven, with a great white wine, butter and lemon on to baste it, and some nice rice and vegetables on the side.

Red the rest of the post, it is really worth the 5 minutes of your time!