Today there are dozens of really great tactics you can use to bring traffic to your website.  The problem is that most marketers are getting caught up in “tactic overload” and not really making the money they want from their efforts.

We never had this problem in the old days before social media.  Before there were all these new places for us to market, we were desperate for new channels.  We only had search engines, forums, and subscriber lists at one point.

Now we have Twitter, Facebook, social communities, groups, fan pages, CPA networks, Facebook Ads, Adsense, media buying, guest posting, RSS feeds… it is a seemingly endless buffet of choices.

And marketers are trying them all!

The danger is that we get caught up in the tactics to the point where we have several social accounts and pages we have to manage all over the web.  What we actually get, if we’re not properly focused on the quality of traffic we are generating, is a lot of work and a lot of confusion.

You know you are supposed to keep content flowing on all your social profiles, as well as on your site, but you start to question whether you are doing it right when your sales stats don’t reflect the work you are putting in.  If you aren’t targeting your marketing in the right way to attract the exact kind of traffic you need, your sales never take off no matter how much traffic you get.

Here are some tips to get your marketing on the right track

Go back to the core principle in marketing:  Have an offer that a sizeable target market really wants to buy.

Make sure of that before you do anything else with your online business.

Then, figure out how many sales you really need to hit a realistic goal for monthly revenue.  This isn’t the time to think about the big house or your first Ferrari.  You want to set a goal for monthly income that will support you the way you live now.

This will help you to know just how many highly-targeted buyers you need to bring to your site each month.  You might only need a few thousand really targeted visitors each month to hit your goal for monthly sales.  You might even need far less than that depending on how good your offer is and the margin you net per sale.

After you know you have a product people want to buy, and how many sales of that product it will take to hit your monthly income goal, you can now be much more effective in your marketing.

Why? Because your metrics will tell you where to spend your time getting traffic.  If you have a Twitter account that sends your site 1000 visitors per month but no buyers, you have to do one of two things:

  1. choose whether you spend any more time on Twitter, or,
  2. get better at Twitter marketing by attracting more buyers to you rather than just “followers.”

The same applies for all the things you are doing to attract traffic.  Now your traffic has to be a certain quality in order to generate enough sales each month.  You now know what those numbers are and you can be more picky about how and where you spend your time generating traffic.

Rather than have a dozen marketing tactics in play because you have a generic traffic goal of 100,000 visits per month, you can know that you need just 3000 visits from highly targeted prospects/buyers to cover your nut.

This drastically changes how you view traffic generation and the tactics you’ve been using to get it.  Social media is just a group of tactics.  It makes no distinction between quality and tire-kicker traffic.

If you know your numbers, they will guide you to the exact places you need to focus your traffic generation efforts. Your tracking will tell you where to continue to spend your time and what’s not working so you can be as effective with your marketing and time as possible.

If Twitter and Facebook are turning out to be good branding for you, but not good sources of buyer traffic, you have to adjust.  But first you have to know for sure whether they are working or not and why.

You also have to have discipline to stick to solid marketing principles rather than getting bogged down in trying a new traffic tactic every time you hear about one.

You don’t want just any traffic.  You want buyers targeted perfectly for your product, service, or recommended affiliate offers.

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