What Kind Of List Are You Building? (List Building Tips Guest Post)

Hi guys! I’ve wanted to write a short article about list building for a while now, but I haven’t got the time to do it, until now.

It’s a very bad kept secret that the money is in the list. Yeah, I know, I know…You’ve heard it all before.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the money really is in t he list!

You can’t get away from that fact, so if you’re really serious about making money online and build a business, I think you need to start to build your list.

And even though you may not have a list yet, you’ve probably heard the whole process on how to do it before. Create a product yourself or get someone to create it for you, set up a squeeze page/sales page and start to generate lots of traffic to that page. That’s how the process is, in short.

But while building your list though, you should start building relationships and really start to connect with your list right from the start. You see, there are a few different kinds of lists, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I know which kind is the best to have.

Sounds hard?

It really isn’t…

“But how do you connect and build relationships with your list right away, Joachim?”.

Well, that’s a good question!

And the answer is that one way you can do it, is to simply bring MASSIVE value to the table. If you over-deliver like crazy, people will start to notice you and get their eyes up for you. If you create a product and you think it’s well worth over $27 bucks, give it away for free. Yes, you read that right – FREE!

That’s how you over-deliver…Getting people to subscribe to your list, won’t give you much money.

At least not the way I build my list…

Then again…It’s called “The Money Is IN The List”.

Not in the process on getting people to subscribe TO your list.

That’s the difference. Because what you should focus on is to get your visitors to subscribe before even think about making some money on them.

Take it slow, take your time and build your list day by day.

Baby steps counts too.

That said, you CAN make some money and at the same time actually get people to subscribe to your list. And if you ask me, this is the best way to build a list – not because of the money you’ll make, because it won’t be a lot, but because of the kind of subscribers you make.

Let me explain…

Instead of creating a product you think will be well worth over $27 that you give away for free on your squeeze page, you can create a product you think will be well worth over $47-$67 bucks and put it up on your sales page and sell it for $7-$20 bucks.

Again, this will make your customers LOVE you, because they won’t believe the kind of value you’ve given them for the low price at $7-$20 dollars!

So, again, you’ll immediately start to connect and build relationships with your list, and my guess is that they like you and want to stay on your list to see you provide them with more, high-value content in the near future. And that’s a really good spot to be in when you’re an Internet Marketer!

Another thing most people don’t really think too much about, is that by building your list this way, by setting up a product you think is worth more than $47-$67 bucks and sell it for the low price at $7-$20, is that you already here, when they buy the product from you, have sorted out people who are ready and willing to BUY products online, and who are ready and willing to SPEND MONEY online from the “Freebie-seekers” in lack of a better word.

There’s nothing wrong with a list of “Freebie-seekers”, except that you don’t know if they’ll ever spend some money online. They are still really good to have on a list, though, because if you constantly over-deliver to them they’ll start to talk and spread the word about you.


Think about it…What would you choose?

A list of PROVEN BUYERS vs. a list of “Freebie-seekers” … ?

My choice would be the list of PROVEN BUYERS. Not because I will make some money in the sign-up process, but because I know that a list of proven buyers are MUCH more responsive than a list of “Freebie-seekers”.

And that’s where you’re potentially earning a lot of money.

You see?

I told you the money is in the list, didn’t I?

Guest Post By: Joachim. To get more information about list building and how to build successful lists, visit: www.howtomaketheinternetrock.com .